Five Reasons To Visit Maine

Five Reasons To Visit Maine

Maine is one of the American states in New England in the east of the Mississippi River and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, New Hampshire, and two Canadian provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick. The state is very sparsely inhabited, with a total area of about 2,300 square miles. Forests and landscapes cover four-fifth part of the land. The state got its name from one of the former provinces of France. The land has many other words like pine tree land due to dense pine forests, land of frozen ground owing to the widespread glaciers, and the land of tourism.

The exotic beauty, roaring shores, isolated location, and many breathtaking and mesmerizing views make the visitors immerse in its divine beauty and a must to visit the place. Best time to visit Maine is between June and August.

Here are five reasons one should visit Maine for:

  • The scintillating Lighthouses of Maine:

Maine is famous for its more than 65 beautiful architectural lighthouses lining the rocky coastlines. The spectacular lighthouses present a stunning view of giant beacons standing tall along the coastline. Fishers inhabit these lighthouses, and it reminded of the history when the housekeepers saved the sailors during sea storms at night. Maine lighthouses are now harbored by visitors and are easily accessible during September. The Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth is the earliest and oldest lighthouse famous for its adjacent fort, William park, and long walking trails. These lighthouses are the leading tourist attraction site in Maine.

  • Rich Lobster cuisine:

Maine’s fishing industry is the second economic pillar for the state after tourism. The land has given lobsters a new culinary map and a succulent taste to taste buds. Maine is famous for its American lobsters, enjoyed as an expensive buffet served with drizzling butter sauce. They are done either broiled or as lobster rolls. Get the best Maine Lobster Rolls from

The state enjoys its rich lobster culinary with festivals and great feasts, and it export lobsters all around the world. The main reason to eat lobster in Maine is rich sauces and freshness, which is a whole new experience to taste buds. Apart from lobsters’ cobs, oysters and clams are also famous seafood here.

  • Breathtaking landscapes:

Maine is the pack off, climbing and dwelling through a pastoral scene, countryside view, the emotional and roaring coastline, fishing spots, and aesthetic cuisine sights; all these are available at one Island, and that is Maine. Private houses are built along with Maine, and alongside these cottages is located at Acadia National Park. This heaven piece makes you feel a wild beauty. The dominating Winter from November to May, the peaks of the western mountains, and curved hiking and climbing trails are the masterpieces of this park enclosed with snow and provide the tourists an opportunity to have skiing snowboarding on these snowy mountains slopes. During the winter season, the Sunday river is the hot spot for visitors and tourists from diverse tastes of tourism. Islands also present themselves as one the most worth seeing tourist attraction spots. They make you fall in love with their most incredible landscapes and colorful hues of nature. The land is mainly visited due to the steady peace and calmness that it gives to visitors with the residing charm of glaciers, rivers, coastline, lighthouses, and much more. This heaven piece of land makes the tourist feel like a royal guest.

  • Gulf Hagas: 

Gulf Hagas, also known as the Grand Canyon of the east, is the slate gorge engraved by the majesty river near Brownville. It is a long rocky stretch of about 3 miles that tower above the river flowing below it featured by series of beautiful waterfalls and wonderfully aligned rocks. This presents the spectacular view in Maine because it cannot be easily approached. The hardships that a tourist face of crossing a small river and then a several-hour hike on a thin rim trail of the gorge inclined steep and touching the pointed, narrow cliffs and, finally, this hypnotizing and engrossing Gulf Hagas make tourists feel like a nature conqueror.

  • Museum and History:

The state of Maine emerged out as a part of Massachusetts, belonging to the colonies of the united states. The state got its history from the revolutionary war it faced and cottage and ship buildings, hunting equipment. Maine’s museums are rich in history, depicting the life Maine had lived before, from rich food to everything belonging to this state. The most famous museums are the Penobscot marine museum and Raye’s Mustard mill museum.

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