Five Unconventional Knowledge About Youtube promotion That You Can’t Learn From Books

Five Unconventional Knowledge About Youtube promotion That You Can't Learn From Books.

We live in a digital age, and sharing videos worldwide is made very easy with the internet. But we often fail to make full use of this technology and share our videos within our friend’s circle or family on social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. If you want your video to be seen by the world, then there are some things you should know before starting your video campaign.

#1. Understand Your Audience and Their Preferences

Before you even publish your first video, go through all the videos related to your industry. Choose the top 5 or 10 videos of that niche and study them thoroughly. Check out what makes these videos popular? What is it that their audience love about these videos? This will help you to understand your target audience further. You can even watch the comments your competitor’s fans post on their video.

#2. Optimize Your Videos for Better Ranking

There are many factors that Google considers before ranking any website or a video in search results. If you want to make a video go viral, you should at least follow a few guidelines from Google to optimize your videos for ranking purposes. You can also submit your website or a video in Google Video Filer if your video is getting more than 1,000 views per day and hence qualifies for indexing by Google. This will help better promote YouTube videos when found in Google searches.

#3. Add Closed Captions To Your Videos

If you want to make your videos more accessible for people with hearing disabilities, you should add closed captions. You can either use free websites or services like the CaptionTube app, which lets you create subtitles for YouTube videos automatically using speech recognition technology. This will help deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy your video content and gain you more YouTube subscribers and better search engine ranking.

#4. Create Engaging Thumbnails

When someone comes across a list of videos in search results, the user clicks on the thumbnail image as he thinks it is related to his query. So make sure that your video’s thumbnail is attractive and grabs his attention. You can also use third-party services like Tidy Channel Suggest or YouTube Thumbnail Creator, which allows you to generate several thumbnail images from your video automatically, based on a set of rules that you define.

#5. Optimize Your Metadata

When someone searches for a keyword related to your video, YouTube shows the best results at the top of the search page. These videos are considered to be relevant because of their high ranking in search keywords (“video optimization, “video marketing, “etc.). Metadata or “data about your data” is very important for your brand. It helps you connect with potential customers, promote products and services by adding links in your video description, etc. Before uploading your video, make sure that you optimize it properly with all the necessary metadata required for better ranking and user engagement.


The above information will help you to promote your YouTube videos effectively. Optimizing a video properly with metadata and promoting it on web platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter will go a long way in increasing its ranking on search results. With this increased visibility, more people will watch it, and ultimately your product or service being advertised in the video will get more sales.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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