Four Unique Features of Mobile Billboard Advertising


Motorists for generations have been inundated by billboards and other large signs erected on roadsides and along highways around the world. In some cases, an inventive campaign can pay off big for the companies that pay for this type of advertising. Of course, there are more effective ways to grab the attention of passing drivers, including the unique and cost effective strategy of purchasing mobile billboards. These have become more popular in recent years, but some companies might not know all of the potential benefits and innovative features that can come along with launching such a campaign. Keep reading for four of the reasons that could be an effective marketing strategy for businesses of all types.

  1. Effective Messaging

Consumers are inundated with advertisements and marketing campaigns in every aspect of their lives. From television to websites to roadside signs, it is easy to tune out most of these efforts to convince people that they should be spending money on a particular service or product. With the unique and captivating form of advertisements found in mobile billboards, however, the message is much more likely to resonate with passersby. One study found that a whopping 98% of American motorists noticed a mobile billboard attached to a nearby truck. Furthermore, a separate report determined that more than 9 in 10 of those drivers or passengers were able to recall the message being displayed. These are clearly much higher numbers than found in most other forms of advertising. Best of all, each campaign can start with a minimal investment and increase from there as the need arises.

  1. Flexibility

In addition to being able to change the sign quickly to reflect the latest deals or promotions, there are also several different ways to get the message out to potential customers and clients. In addition to traditional trucks with a billboard placed in the rear, there are a few other options that are growing in popularity. Anyone interested in purchasing such advertising space can also choose vehicle wraps, which allow for vinyl or paint to be affixed to the exterior of a vehicle to include a company’s message. Trailer billboards and digital alternatives are also widely available, which can offer even more alternatives for businesses regardless of their expectations and goals.

  1. Targeted Marketing

Mass marketing campaigns often fall flat because they are reaching segments of the population that are unlikely to ever become customers. Here is another way that mobile billboards can be a great benefit to all types of businesses. For starters, key demographics including minorities and young adults are far more likely to recall these ads than similar messages delivered through other means. Additionally, it is easy to direct trucks to visit communities and areas of a city that are more likely to contain the type of people being targeted by a particular ad campaign.

  1. Frequent Feedback

Since technology is at the root of this industry, it is possible to get real time results regarding how effective a particular campaign has become. This will allow advertisers to fine tune their strategies and get even more return on their investments than ever before. This ability to react quickly to relevant information is something that few other forms of advertising offer on such a wide scale.

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