From Motivation To Holistic Well-Being Kiran Dembla’s Strategies To Achieve Optimal Fitness

With the surging of health issues like the onset of rheumatism at a very early age or cardiovascular ailments in the early 30s, people have become aware of the need to maintain a good physique and stay fit despite distractions. With their hectic schedules at work, people scarcely get time to work out. In addition to that, work-from-home settings, in the post-pandemic phase, have added to the woes as hours of sitting in front of the laptop have not only aggravated issues like back pain and spondylitis but also triggered gastrointestinal disorders and mental health issues. With innumerable domestic responsibilities apart from crumbling work-life balance, it is the women who have to bear the brunt today.

Kiran Dembla, is one of the most inspirational figures in India right now, who inspires countless women to believe that it is never too late to turn their life around and chase their dreams. At the age of 45, this invincible lady has already donned multiple hats, starting from a doting mother to her kids and a caring wife to a bodybuilding champion, a distinguished fitness expert, a DJ, a photographer, and a mountaineer. In this dizzying array of roles in which people have seen Kiran, the one that stands out most is that of a fitness trainer who is the ultimate go-to person for many celebrities who follow her guidance to stay in shape. However, the journey from being a homemaker and a mother of two kids to being a fitness expert wasn’t accomplished in a day. It took years of rigorous training, inexhaustible conviction, and a rebellious attitude to sacrifice everything needed to fulfill the dream of becoming Kiran Dembla bodybuilder.

Let’s take a look at the strategies that Kiran Dembla believes in following to scale the journey from motivation to the achievement of optimal fitness and holistic well-being:

Exhibiting untiring determination

Being from a background where the presence of women in the field of bodybuilding out of all places was looked down upon with repugnance, Kiran never flinched before any kind of criticism. It was not easy for her to hold her ground against society and its negative opinions, especially being a married woman, a mother, and a homemaker for so many years of her life. However, it was her determination to shatter all the boundaries and restrictions and set a daring example for all the women to follow that helped her sail through all the insurmountable obstacles in her path.


How often have you looked at yourself in the mirror of your office washroom and come out displeased, especially because you desperately wished to get rid of those love handles and double chin which make you look older or just sad? How often have you cursed yourself for the countless number of cheat days which eventually demotivated you enough to quit the gym? Well, you don’t have to be narcissistic but as Kiran Dembla says, every woman should learn to put herself first and do everything that makes her happy. A woman should always remember that she is beautiful no matter what, and those extra inches on her body can never be the parameters to evaluate her beauty. Kiran believes that only when you find inner peace by loving yourself and doing everything that it takes to fulfil your dreams, you kickstart the journey to gaining optimal fitness and experiencing holistic well-being.

Food habits

The beautifully toned physique that Kiran Dembla has achieved is a product of a strict high-protein diet with relentless training, in addition to the proactive life she had in juggling her household and her professional life at the same time. The two predominant activities in her daily schedule are training her celebrity clients in the morning and doing all the household chores and taking care of her family in the evening. Women are multitaskers, and Kiran is no exception as she juggles the role of a mother and a fitness guru effortlessly. The adrenaline rush and enhanced flexibility of the body not only help to burn those extra kilos but also work magically in beating all the stress.

Leading a healthy lifestyle

Having a healthy lifestyle and a mentally and physically satisfying daily routine is the secret mantra to a long life. A sneak peek into the lifestyle of Kiran Dembla reveals that you do not always have to stick to a pre-determined fitness regime or follow a diet that makes you nauseated to your very core. In fact, it is just important to make the right food choices that would appeal to your taste buds and supply the nutrients needed for your body to stay healthy. Kiran also suggests eating delicious home-cooked food and constantly replenishing the fluid content of the body with plenty of water are very crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, it is not always an unhealthy lifestyle that is responsible for the constant state of fatigue that you are in. It could also be the stigma of being underweight or overweight or anything that people will turn into an excuse and use against you, thereby diminishing the quality of your health. That is why, Kiran suggests sticking to basics: hydrate yourself with enough water, go for your morning walk, stretch your body, eat nutritious food, do not deprive yourself of sleep, don’t pay attention to what people say, and love yourself. You will be the fittest among one and all you know of your age.

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