Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop: Which Is Better?

Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop: Which Is Better?

You’ve always been curious about PC gaming, but you’ve never thought to try it until now. The old computer that you were using for work has gone out on you. You’ve been thinking about replacing it with a computer that’s optimized for gaming so you can have the best of two worlds.

Work and play.

When it comes to gaming, one size doesn’t fit all. Some love being able to take their setup everywhere with them. Others prefer the power and customization that comes from having a hardcore gaming desktop like Allied PC.

Gaming PC Vs. gaming laptop. How does one choose between all the features they have to offer? We can help you out.

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When it comes to performance, most people lean toward gaming PC over laptops. They find them to be more powerful, but we’re here to say that some laptops can be just as strong.

You’re going to need a good GPU, CPU, and RAM to run the games you want. Desktops tend to overpower laptops in these categories in every way.

If your gaming laptop does manage to keep up, you’ll need an external cooling pad. If you don’t have one, the machine could overheat trying to render your games.

Keep in mind that power isn’t everything, though. Having hardcore specs is only good if you use them.

If you only play indie titles, almost any computer on the market can run that. AAA games are another story, however. You’ll need a little more oomph for those.


The GPU is your gaming machine’s bread and butter. If you want the display to be able to render the kind of graphics that AAA games pump out, you need the best one you can get.

Laptops have come a long way as far as graphics cards go, but desktops will always be a little bit better. Even if your desktop doesn’t come with the best graphics card, you always have the option to upgrade it later. You can’t do that with a laptop.


Some laptops have a CPU that gives desktops a run for their money. These particular laptops are a pretty rare find. Most laptops come with a quad-core i7, which is fine for most people.

If you’re only playing indie titles, you don’t need much more than that. Again, you don’t want to pay for more power than you’re going to use.

You also have to worry about overheating if you have a laptop with that kind of CPU. Your Lenovo desktop will be able to handle it a little bit better.


Most gaming laptops come with more than enough RAM for you to get things done. If yours doesn’t come with a lot of RAM, you can always upgrade it later. It’s one of the few parts that you can do that with.

The only reason why desktops win in this category is that they make it a little easier for you to replace the RAM. It’s hard to find the right slot in some thinner laptop models.


In terms of laptop vs. PC portability, laptops reign supreme. You can slip your laptop into your bag and carry it anywhere you want to go. This is a pretty important feature if you frequent gaming competitions.

You can take your desktop if your tower is small enough, but you’ll have to wrestle with a bunch of wires. Not to mention, you’ll have to find a way to squeeze the monitor in your car. It’s way less of a hassle to just invest in a good laptop.

Once you get your desktop to its destination, you’ll need outlets to plug in all your equipment. Laptops are ready to go as soon as you pull them out of your bag. You’ll have to plug them in eventually, but it will run for a few hours before you have to start looking for an outlet.

Upgrades and Customization

If your laptop needs more RAM, you can buy a new one and plop it into the slot if you can find it. That’s about all you can upgrade. It’s not a good idea for a novice to try and replace a laptop’s CPU or GPU.

Everything is so tightly packed that you may end up wrecking it. That means as soon as your laptop starts showing problems, or becomes obsolete, you’ll have to replace it.

Desktops are another story. There’s plenty of space for you to play around with and make upgrades as needed. If a new graphics card comes onto the market, all you have to do is buy it and install it.

If the tower becomes obsolete or something breaks, you won’t have to spend tons of money on a new setup. You’ll just have to fix the old one. While some computer parts can be expensive, it’s better than forking over the cash for a replacement.


Some would argue that desktop computers win in this category. Mechanical keyboards are pretty sweet. You don’t have to use quite as much pressure to play a game.

However, some laptops come with a mechanical backlit keyboard. This means you won’t have to spend any extra money out of pocket.

We agree that the models with less than amazing keyboards won’t be able to keep up with the pressure you’ll put them under, but you’ll have access to plenty of USB ports. You can always buy a mechanical keyboard and plug it in.


Laptops also take the display category. Their screens can pack as much power as any monitor that you can get for your desktop, so you don’t have to pay anything extra for a fancy display.

The only downside is many laptop screens are smaller and you can’t raise the screen to comfortable eye levels. Still free is king and like the keyboard, if you want a different monitor, you can always buy one and connect it to your laptop.


The speakers in past laptops had much to be desired compared to the sound that you can get out of today’s models. It may not please some picky gamers, but it’s passable.

They would almost beat desktops in this category if it weren’t for the fan. Gaming laptops need a powerful fan to put out the same power as desktops. The whirling sound can be almost obnoxiously loud.

You can get a much richer sound out of your desktop. In fact, you can turn your entire gaming room into your own personal theater if you want to.


The storage space in gaming laptops isn’t bad. If you run out of space, you can always look for external storage devices to carry some of the weight. This being said, you’ll never have to worry about running out of room on a desktop.

Desktops have several SATA ports. You can increase your storage capabilities by several terabytes by plugging in a single cable. The same can’t be said for laptops.


You would think desktops would be more expensive, but it’s laptops. A lot of work goes into making them compact yet functional, so you can expect to pay for that extra labor. If you want to take advantage of gaming on the go, you’re going to need a powerful battery.

That’s going to cost more. Desktops are only more expensive if you plan on building one. Buying all the individual parts can hurt the wallet.

This being said, if you build a computer, it’s most likely going to last longer. If something goes south, you’ll be able to fix it right away because you know your computer like the back of your hand. This means you won’t have to spend money on another machine anytime soon.

School and Work Computer

If you need to use your computer for work and play, a laptop is going to be your best bet. They pack enough power to handle video calls. If your job is graphic design, the strong GPU will be a plus.

You can take your computer back and forth from home to work. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to settle down with your favorite games. There’s no end to the benefits.

Gaming laptops are also ideal for students. They’re a little heavier than your standard notebook, but you can still carry them to class and take notes.

Gaming PC Vs. Gaming Laptop: The Final Verdict

Gaming PC vs. gaming laptop? Which is better for your buck? The answer depends.

Laptops are convenient for working people and students. Desktops are a little cheaper in the long run and you can customize them any way you want. If you need a stronger graphics card, all you have to do is buy it and install it.

As you can see, it’s all up to personal preferences and needs. Want to learn more about gaming computers? We have all the tech news you could ever want right on our blog.

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