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In case you have downloaded a PDF file and you further plan to print or modify it for utilization in the future – some issues during this operation might cause frustration, generic are like fonts missing, transparency and color. Below we have discussed three basic problems related to PDF printing, for the assistance of printing users we have already discussed the relevant solution as well.


PDF file formats are generally composed of various layers of color, pictures and text. This feature is generally added by the creator when two or more layers overlap to generate effects like shadowing, opaqueness and feathering. On other hand, this transparency often does not convert when printed so these effects might lose, and layers use to miss on the printout. To eliminate or minimize transparency risk from ruining your printout, one of the best approaches is to flatten the PDF before printing so all the layers should be converted into one image and you can print anything that you can see on your screen.

Procedure for flattening a PDF in Windows:

1– Open the desired file in Adobe Acrobat

2– Left Click on File from menu, select Print and then select ‘Adobe PDF’ as then click OK

3– after being prompted, save using the new name of the file.

4– try to open the newly saved file and print as normal.

Procedure for flattening PDF on Mac:

1– Open PDF file using Acrobat

2–Save the file using a new name.

3– while saving save file type as a Postscript File

4– right after being saved, click on Acrobat Distiller and open the same Postscript file by dragging into the Distiller application window.

5– Distiller will start processing the Postscript File and will produce a new flattened PDF suitable for normal printing.

Missing Fonts

Sometimes PDF creators use a font that is not incorporated or installed on your computer, then this might be swapped with another font or another option is to ignore it when printed. There are basically two solution for this problem:

1- Try to flatten the PDF by utilizing the techniques above.

2- Second option is to seek and install the missing font onto your machine.

To complete the task, you have to contact the creator and ask him for the provision of information relevant to the font that he used or try, or the last option is to identify the font utilizing WhatTheFont or Identifont.

Procedure for uploading a font to Windows:

1– Find the font and download from source.

2– Open go to Control Panel using Start Menu and click Appearance and Personalization, further leading to Fonts

3– Click relevant File and select Install New Font

4– From Add Fonts dialogue box, select relevant drive where you desire to install

5–Open the folder which includes the desired font(s) you want to add, then click Install.

Procedure for uploading a font on Mac:

1– Find the source of font and download

2– Close all running applications

3– use Drag and drop to unzipped fonts into relevant the Fonts folder location: /Users/Your_Username_Here/Library/Fonts


In case you are using a mono printer to print out a color PDF document, there is a clear risk that the black and white printer will struggle to produce a print which evidently detects and reflects tones. In such situations a printout might not have clarity, apart from that text might be hidden and further leading to blurring images.

In order to improve the clarity of the prints, it may be mandatory to modify the printer’s contrast (particularly the PDF you are expecting to print is locked and therefore cannot be edited). The process for altering the contrast of a printer depends on model and make but it an option for intensifying Color can be easily found in the Printer Driver Setup. It might take a bit of trial and error while setting the contrast bar from low and high before seeking a setting which prints the required PDF in the preferred clarity.

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