Gifts for People Who Love the Outdoors

Gifts for People Who Love the Outdoors

While gift-giving might seem like it should be a fairly straightforward practice, it comes with all sorts of complications. For instance, what if you get something that your loved ones don’t enjoy? How do you know the gifts you’re picking will meet their tastes? How much should you spend on a present, anyway? It can feel a little overwhelming with all of these questions when you’re picking out a gift.

Luckily, if you’re shopping for someone who enjoys the outdoors, there are a few things you can do to pick out the right gifts. So whether you’re looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside or you want to think of fun activities you can enjoy together like got to Ombe, here’s what you should keep in mind.

Get out on the waves.

Picture this: Crashing waves, warm sun, and sandy beaches. So you grab your longboard, and you great ready to head out in search of the perfect wave so you can cruise along in style. Although surfing might not be for everyone, few things compare to the feeling of conquering your first wave. So for a memorable gift idea that’s sure to stand out, you should consider investing in some surfing lessons.

Of course, whether you’re booking a private surf lesson or you’re looking for something that’s more challenging at higher skill levels, it’s important to take a few surf lessons that help familiarize your giftee with some of the fundamentals. While you don’t need to rush out and buy your own wetsuit, beginners should know that it’s good to prepare a bit before you surf for the first time.

When you’re shopping around for beginner, intermediate, or veteran lessons, find a place with friendly surf instructors, private lessons, and surfboard rentals. It would help if you also looked at customer reviews to learn more about the overall surf experience. If you’re shopping for an intermediate surfer who might not enjoy small waves, you can look for more advanced surf school classes.

Bring the outdoors inside.

If you’re not in a position to pay for private lessons, or you don’t think your giftee would enjoy learning about ocean safety, paddling, and surf etiquette, you may want to look for a few low-maintenance alternatives. Sometimes, the best gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors is a thoughtful houseplant.

When you’re picking a house plant or table plant, you want to consider your giftee’s living space. After all, if their apartment or home often gets indirect sunlight or doesn’t have many bright light areas, you should look for a desk plant or table plant that thrives in low-light conditions. You can find plants to fit about any experience level. From shade foliage that doesn’t need a ton of sunlight to a cactus plant that requires infrequent watering, there are plenty of hands-off plants, especially if you’re willing to act as a knowledgeable instructor and provide key tips and insights.

To take your gift to the next level, you can even consider plant delivery. So whether you’re buying a peace lily, lucky bamboo, a bromeliad, or a snake plant, there are ways to ship your friends, family, and loved ones some indoor plants that will brighten up their living space.

Go on an adventure.

Sometimes, the only gift you need to give to someone who enjoys the outdoors is your time. Find ways to go on an adventure, explore your surroundings, or even go on a day trip together. While you may not be able to afford the ideal place or your dream vacation, there are still ways that you can get out of the house and make lasting, impactful memories together. In many cases, the best gift you can give is the gift of your time.

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