4 Proven Tactics to Generate More Google Restaurant Reviews

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Reviews can make or break your business.

It’s true, reviews are important to your business. Yet many businesses fail to see the potential of marketing on Google.

Fortunately for you, generating Google restaurant reviews is easier than you might think. But many don’t understand what it takes to produce quality reviews.

Reviews are a mixed bag. They can be helpful, or they can be harmful. We’ve got a solution for your review conundrum.

Here are four proven tactics to generate more Google restaurant reviews.

1. Create a Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile is a simple but effective way to help your business begin the journey to generating more Google Restaurant Reviews. First, it is important to create a comprehensive profile that accurately reflects your restaurant’s identity and the atmosphere you wish to project.

Secondly, encourage customers to post reviews under this profile. Finally, once Google ratings and reviews start to build up. Try to respond to all reviews whether it is positive or negative. To show potential customers you know how to care about customer feedback, get reviews on Google, accept it positively, and take every improvement suggestion.

2. Ask Customers Directly

Creating a system whereby customers are prompted to leave reviews could be as simple as having a team member, such as a server or host, ask directly for feedback on their experience. Asking customers directly is also a great way to address any potential concerns. As customers may be more comfortable leaving a review in direct one-on-one interaction.

Creating an incentivized program can also be effective, such as offering discounts to customers who leave reviews. However, it is important to reiterate that such programs are against Google’s guidelines. Because it may result in reviews being deleted or the restaurant being suspended from Google My Business.

3. Send An Email Reminder

Customers may not always find time to leave a review, so sending them a polite reminder can be highly effective. Include helpful links to make it easier for them to submit reviews. Have your staff ask customers directly to leave a review.

Incorporate QR codes on tables and menus so that customers can easily navigate to the review page. Create an incentive wall of customers who have left reviews prominently displayed in your restaurant to create a sense of community and encourage more people to leave reviews.

Ensure that your staff’s customer service is top-notch so that customers will be motivated to leave reviews. Above all else, always be consistent and focused on gathering reviews from happy customers.

4. Reward Positive Reviews

Reviews on Google serve as a way to connect with customers and provide them with the online feedback and experiences they need to make informed decisions. By incentivizing customers to leave a positive review restaurant on Google, you can significantly increase the number of content produced for your restaurant.

Rewards for positive reviews could be discounts on upcoming meals, early access to new menu items, tickets to a local event, or any other creative offering you can come up with. The reward must also be consistent with Google policy as well as applicable laws.

Tips to Generate Positive Google Restaurant Reviews

Proven tactics to generate more Google restaurant reviews for restaurants such as creating review cards, offering incentives, and leveraging online networks can only benefit restaurants by improving their reputation. Put these tactics into action today and your restaurant will soon benefit from a more positive online presence!

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