Guide on How to Fix a Burnt Coil

Vaping has become a popular and better option to cigarettes. Besides the health benefits, vaping can also help you control your nicotine addiction. There is also a massive variety of options with vape juices.

If you have tried using a vape pen with a burnt coil, you must understand how nasty the experience can be. A burnt taste from the vape is a sign that there is something wrong. However, the good news is that fixing a burnt coil isn’t hard.

Causes of a Burnt Coil

Coils aren’t built to last forever; they will wear out and require replacing. Most people associate a vape-burning taste with a burnt coil. However, that is not always the case. To understand this, let’s look at how vapes work.

Vape kits have a metal coil that heats when you turn the power button on. Most coils are made from stainless steel, nickel, or titanium. The coil is covered by an organic cotton wick, which draws vape juice from the tank.

When the coil hits the right temperature, it produces vapor that you can pull via the mouthpiece. The organic cotton wick stays wet and saturated as long as the tank has enough e-juice.

As per this article from ePuffer, a dry cotton wick will cause the coil to overheat. Next, the cotton wick will start burning, producing a burnt taste from vape. There are a few issues that can make the cotton wick go dry. All of them point to the cotton wick not getting soaked well enough. One of the primary causes is vaping with a near-empty tank.

How to Fix a Burnt Coil

If you are using a replaceable starter kit, a burnt taste is a sign that your pen has run out of e-juice and it’s time to get a new one. However, if you have a mod or refillable vape kit, you can get rid of the burnt taste.

Disassemble your vape pen and clean the coils. The build-up of dirt on the coil heads can produce a vape-burning taste. Use warm water and a soft cloth or brush and wash the coils until they are clean enough.

If you still get the taste even after a thorough wash, you need to get new coils for your pen or mod. Before using the new coils, prime them well. This will allow the cotton wick time to soak up the vape juice before you start vaping.

Allow your pen to rest for a while after a new refill. This lets the wick get saturated well enough. Some experts recommend shaking the vape pen a few times after refilling the tank to ensure that all of the air pockets are out.

Ensure that you vape within your vape range. Vaping at high power means that the vape juice evaporates faster than the wick can re-saturate. This gets you a burning vape taste because of the dry wick charring. 

Summing Up

A burnt coil can be frustrating, but with the right knowledge and a few steps, you can restore your vaping kit to its full potential. Ensure that you clean the tank and coil to avoid dirt building up.

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