Guide to Framing a Poster Like a Pro

Guide to Framing a Poster Like a Pro

Many people paste their favourite posters on walls as it is. They do look good, but they get ruined very quickly because of the lack of protection. One of the best ways of protecting these posters is by using a poster frame.

Here is how to hang a poster inside a frame like a pro, with help from

Prepare the poster and frame

Prepare the poster before placing it inside the frame. Since posters are stored in rolled-up form, they curl even when they are opened. So the first thing you need to do is correct the shape of the poster by straightening it.

You can do this with the help of a foam board. Place the poster on the board, and attach its edges with pins, so that no air bubbles form.

Now get the frame ready. For this, untie its hinges, take the backboard out, and buy a Plexiglas or glass to cover the poster.

Clean the frame glass properly

Do not just insert the glass as it is. You should clean it first to create a clear surface through which people can clearly view the poster. Get a microfiber cloth, and remove dust particles or fingerprints with it. Microfiber will remove the dust etc., without scratching the glass.

Hold the glass carefully to avoid the formation of fingerprints again.

Combine the glass and frame

Now that you have cleaned the glass, it is time to place it inside the frame. Again, try your best to avoid fingerprint formation on the glass. If the glass has these marks, your poster will look blurred when seen through the glass. One easy solution to this issue is using a paper towel to hold the glass.

Position and attach poster in the frame

Now comes the important part. Position the poster inside the frame such that it looks balanced. Make sure no air bubbles form, or the corners do not bend. Once you have positioned the poster, place your frame on a flat surface and lean it on the wall. Check whether it’s in the centre or more towards one side. Position the poster again if it is unbalanced.

After positioning the poster inside the frame correctly, you should attach its edges to the frame, so that they do not curl. Frames are thin, so they can move from their position over time. You can avoid this issue by securing the poster with stable pins. Insert the pins at areas where viewers cannot see them, such as the corners of the poster.

Hang the frame correctly

Now that everything is ready, it is time to hang the frame on your chosen wall. Drill hole at a suitable height on the wall. Analyze the position while hanging the frame. Make sure it is balanced; otherwise, it will not look good and may disturb the symmetry of other decorative items.

If you find manual balancing hard, you can use a balancing device like a water balance to hang the frame like a pro. Good luck!

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