Guide To In-App Purchases: Mobile Game Monetisation

Guide To In-App Purchases: Mobile Game Monetisation

Getting something for free feels great. But sadly, all good things come for a price.

Let’s take the example of in-app purchases in games. Even though you can download the game for free, you will have to make in-app purchases to move to the next level or proceed ahead in the game. This applies to most video games.

Whether you are playing mobile games or online games, you will find in-app purchases in all types of games. This is who developers monetize their games.

But most players would want to get free in-app purchases. This is where the need for an in-app purchase hack comes into the scene. Luckily, many in-app purchase hack android online games can help you to get in-app purchases for free.

If you want to know more about in-app purchases and the process to hack, you should give this article a read.

What Are In-App Purchases?

Before we move onto any further details, let’s get to know what in-app purchases exactly are.

To define it in simple words, in-app purchases are a great way to monetize games in the freemium economy.

In-app purchases occur when a user is required to buy an in-app item using real money. In-app purchases are not only limited to gaming apps but it is also implemented in other apps.

In video games, in-app purchases include cosmetic items, an upgrade, an extra life, hints, etc. This is an effective way through which developers and publishers earn their revenue.

How Do In-App Purchases Work?

In-app purchases allow you to use real money to buy items or features while playing games. It can be offered to users at any time. However, some games wait for a specific turning point when it asks players to purchase so that they can move to the next level.

In-app purchases can include a wide range of items. Depending on the type of game, it can be anything from weapons, extra lives, coins, etc.

In most cases, in-app purchases are offered strategically. For instance casino(คาสิโน), in situations where you may need assistance to move ahead in the game.

Let’s say you are stuck on a certain level. You can use real money to buy your way out.

One thing about in-app purchases is that they are mostly optional. It provides you some kind of value and helps you move ahead in the game.

Using real money on in-app purchases can give a premium gameplay experience. At the same time, it is an effective way of revenue generation for publishers.

Whenever a game contains in-app purchases, it will be notified by the app stores. For example, if you download games from Google Playstore, you will see the words ‘contains in-app purchases’ in the description part of the game.

To make in-app purchases, you need to pay real money. You can use your debit/credit card or any payment app to make the payment.

Types of In-App Purchases

If you thought that in-app purchases come in one unique form, you are wrong. There are typically four different types of in-app purchases. You will notice different techniques and models in top-grossing mobile games.

· Consumable

This is the most common type of in-app purchases in android mobile games. It is also referred to as power-ups or bonus health. When you buy and use a consumable item in the game, it disappears. However, you can purchase them again whenever needed. These items cost small amounts and are needed to continue the gameplay.

· Non-Consumable

Non-consumable items are just the opposite of consumable in-app purchases. This means, once you buy a non-consumable item, you will have permanent access to them. These items are also known as unlockable items. This may include bonus characters, loot boxes, cosmetic items, etc. This type of in-app purchase is used to let players unlock the full potential of the game.

· AutoRenewable Subscriptions

The next popular type of in-app purchase is auto-renewal subscriptions. This refers to regular payments that give you access to some kind of premium content. These items last for a certain time and automatically renew afterward. If you cancel the subscription, it will stop renewing. The advantage of this type of in-app purchase is that you can select the duration for which you want the subscription to cycle to last. This can range from 1 week to a year.

· NonRenewing Subscriptions

Non-renewing subscriptions allow players to access premium content, but only for a limited time. Once the time limit is over, you can renew the subscription. Unlike auto-renewables, you will have to renew these subscriptions manually.

How to Hack In-App Purchases?

No doubt, in-app purchases are helpful in games. But most players don’t want to use real money to purchase in-game items. They look for various hacks that will let them access in-app purchases for free.

In case, you didn’t know you there are different tools and apps that help you hack these in-app purchases in games. Some of these methods require you to root your device, while others can be implemented without rooting.

Some of the most popular apps or tools that you can use to hack in-app purchases are:

· AndroidHackers

AndroidHackers is one of the best android games mod apk websites. You can download all the apk files for free. They have almost all the newest and coolest mods you can find on the internet. The sadest part is that they don’t have ios apps mods.

· Lucky Patcher

This is possibly the most popular app used by users to hack in-app purchases. It allows you to access free app purchases, patch the license confirmation, etc.

· Cree Hack

This is yet another great hacking tool you can use. Unlike other hacking apps, Cree Hack doesn’t require you to root your device.

· Leo PlayCard

Just like Cree Hack, Leo PlayCard doesn’t require you to root your device. Using this app, you can crack any item in the game. However, this app is not compatible with online games.

· XModGames

This app is like a repository for modified games and apps. It comes with a collection of cracked apps and games with free in-app purchases.

In-app purchases are included in games for revenue generation by publishers. However, using the right hacking tools, you can access these in-app purchases for free.



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