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Health And Lifestyle: How Obese Females Can Stay Active Throughout The Day?

Obese Females

Every year more and more cases of obesity are reported throughout the world. This has affected several million females around the world and a considerable number in the UK only. The only solution to this emerging pandemic of obesity, diabetes and significant health complications is making changes to your lifestyle. If you want to actively improve your lifestyle, there are certain things you need to consider for a successful transition. We will discuss some of the most effective ways to stay active. Many ladies have been able to prevent themselves from significant health complications like heart diseases, infertility and diabetes. If you are struggling with your routine, it’s time to make some changes. Follow these simple steps and see yourself get physically and mentally stronger.

Walk a Lot

Your latest Apple Watch isn’t just there for flaunting. If you have a smartphone or a smartwatch, you are halfway there. A lot of people use their smartphones to measure the steps they take every day. It helps you understand the level of activity performed each day. You can start tracking your daily steps on a pedometer and gradually improve the number. Healthcare experts and fitness enthusiasts recommend walking for at least 10,000 steps every day to remain active. If you are obese, it may be a bit hard to keep up with this number. Try to start from 5000 to 6000 steps a day and add 1000 steps each week. A person should cover 10,000 steps through a brisk walk and light jogging in 90 minutes. It’s entirely up to you on how you reach the 10k milestone. Most professional pedometers also come with challenges with rewards for people who remain active. This is a source of motivation for many people as well. Also, remember that while you are walking, wear proper shoes explicitly made for walking and running.

Activity during Office

Modern offices and even labor zones have reduced human exertion to a minimum. Thanks to machines and comfortable equipment, the chances of getting injured at a workplace have decreased significantly. However, this has made work-life sedentary for most people. Women who sit all day in their offices tend to burn far fewer calories than those who stay on their feet. Standing puts far more pressure on your body, and if you stand at regular intervals in your shift, it can improve your leg strength as well.

On the other hand, if you cannot stand up occasionally at your office, take 10 minutes to break after every hour of work. If you keep hunching over your laptop screen for hours and hours, it will be nothing but harmful for your spine, body, health and mind. If your office isn’t that far, consider buying a ladies electric bike to commute.

Fitness Challenges

If you are worried about your weight and health, chances are that many other people in your social circle are concerned as well. Think of people whom you feel may be interested in a fitness journey with you. Make a plan with your friends, family and even colleagues. If you have the authority at a workplace, try bringing some activity in. For instance, increase the break by 15 minutes so people can spend some time at the office gym. Or give everyone adjustable tables where they can work while standing up. Multiple offices focus on employee health and betterment. If you want to stand among those, make sure that the employees are happy and healthy.

Adopt a Dog

Unlike cats, dogs are very active animals. They need attention, care and moreover, lots and lots of activity. If you can afford to take care of a dog and all its expenses – adopt one. You will have to take the dog out for an hour or two every day for activity, walking and of course – nature’s call. Go to a local shelter and give a lovely fur baby home. You won’t believe how much activity dogs bring to your life. Most obese women tend to side with cats – the lazy animal. Cats are great, and we all should have one. But, if you need a driver to keep you active, dogs are the best animals to adopt.

Clean House Regularly

Another way to remain busy through the week is to clean your house or apartment daily. Cleaning your home will include a lot of muscle groups without you even noticing it. You may feel that vacuum cleaning is easy, but dragging a piece of heavy machinery up and down with you can burn a good amount of calories. Try squatting every time you go up or jump and skip the stairs to get that heart rate climbing. These simple activities throughout your house will leave you feeling cleaner, fresher and more active. Cleaning also has a psychological impact on your overall health. You will feel more accomplished if your surroundings are clean and organized.

Transportation Options

How many times do you find yourself pulling out the car even if you have to get a carton of milk from the local grocery store? Almost all the time. Many people don’t realize this, but the method of transportation they use can actually trigger your overall activity. Instead of pulling out the car every time you have to go around the town, try walking or cycling. If you think that riding a bike puts a lot of unwanted pressure on your knees, e-bikes are an efficient solution. They significantly reduce your carbon footprint; keep you active and definitely moving. While there are many different variants out there, you can buy a cheap electric bike with good features if there are any affordability concerns.


Many women across the UK suffer from obesity and complicated health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle. You can change your current weight and reverse health complications by being more active throughout the day. Exercise, walking, changing the mode of transportation are just some methods. If you want to lose weight, try making changes to your fast-food oriented diet and eating habits.


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