Helping Your Loved One Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Helping Your Loved One Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Do you have a close friend or family member suffering from Alcohol Addiction? Are you wondering how to help them out? We’re here to help you!

Alcohol addiction refers to the obsession with alcohol to the extent that it disrupts your routine. Alcohol addicts may find it extremely difficult to stop drinking and remain sober for a long time.

They may also have a hard time focusing and completing their responsibilities and paying attention to their environment.

How to Help a Loved One Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol abuse can cause a person to lose consciousness for long intervals. It can also trigger cognitive and behavioral changes, resulting in prolonged frustration and a loss of interest.

Here are some ways you can help your loved one find alcohol addiction treatment.

Identify the Cause

The first step in dealing with an alcoholic is understanding the cause of their addiction. Did they start drinking for fun, or is the addiction due to trauma or any other life situation?

Most often, people start drinking when they feel like things are beyond their control. Feeling helpless, they turn to alcohol to forget their worries and stop thinking about the same thing over and over again.

Once you know the cause, you’re better prepared to offer help and bring them towards alcoholism recovery.
Seek Professional Guidance

Alcoholism is a serious problem that requires a professional solution. A professional counselor can help you manage your loved one’s condition better. They can create a functional plan to get your loved one on board to seek therapy.

A professional might suggest different ways to treat your loved one’s addiction, helping you choose an option that suits the addict best.

Address the Problem

Addicts usually have a hard time accepting their addiction and seeking help. Understand that each person is different, so you can always tailor your approach according to the individual you’re dealing with. Alcohol addiction often comes with mental illness at the same time, so addressing the problem could be a challenge. However, learning ways and techniques to address the issue could help too.

You know the person you’re dealing with, so you would know the best way to approach him or her.

Maybe try having a heart-to-heart conversation, or tell them the negative impacts of alcohol addiction without mentioning them at all.

  • Don’t identify them with negative labels.
  • Be sincere and empathetic.
  •        Use ‘I’ statements to express your feelings and concern.
  • Keep your tone light.
  • Don’t demand any change, instead offer them suitable options.

Plan an Intervention

If your loved one remains in denial of their addiction, perhaps you can gather a group of your family members or close friends to help through an intervention.

An intervention is done under the supervision of a professional counselor by confronting the addict. The main intention behind the intervention is to create awareness about the problem and push the addict towards seeking help.

  • Highlight the negative impact of alcohol abuse.
  • Stress on the need to seek rehabilitation.
  • Tell them how much their alcohol addiction worries everyone.
  • List how them not going for therapy will affect each one of you.
  • Help them paint a picture of a better life after treatment.

Find a Treatment Center

Another important aspect of helping a loved one find alcohol addiction treatment is researching to find a trustworthy treatment center.

Seek the guidance of a trusted counselor or medical practitioner to find an authentic rehabilitation center. Comprehensive treatment can play an effective role in bringing the addict back to normalcy.

However, be wary of centers that promise a quick fix or instant solutions. Alcoholism can’t be cured within a day or two, so any institution that promises that – you know it’s a scam. If you have the means for it, consider luxury alcohol addiction treatment at one of the reputable centers you find.

Be Prepared for Everything

Here’s the thing about addiction; it always comes with a stigma attached to it. Even though you mean well, your loved one could find your interference in their life upsetting. They may feel like you are putting them down.

Think about it from their perspective: you are losing control of your life, and alcohol is the only thing helping you. Now someone comes to you and tells you that alcohol is harmful, and you are ruining your life. Most likely, you would not have liked that either.

So, your intervention could fail and your loved one could refuse to go for any treatment.

In such a case, you can consult a professional about the next steps. Based on their advice, you might need to take stricter measures to play an active role in pushing them towards rehabilitation. Depending on the severity of their alcohol addiction, they may require full alcohol detoxification prior to starting the next steps of their treatment program.

Final Words

Alcohol addiction is increasingly becoming common in the world. However, alcohol addiction is recoverable.

An addict might face a tough time identifying and overcoming the addiction. So, you need to remain steadfast in your plans and be ready to offer any and every help to your loved one.

Written by Enaa Mari

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