Here Is How You Can Guide Your Team through Pandemic Burnout

Guide Your Team through Pandemic Burnout
Guide Your Team through Pandemic Burnout

After the pandemic in 2020, many people had their loved ones reduced to nothing but work. However, those were the lucky ones. The layoffs and furloughs were also a common experience for people across the US.

Nevertheless, with the country coming back to its shape a lot of people are finding it hard to get back to their normal routine. The work from the home journey that began in 2020 has managed to drag itself into 2021 as well. And with the monotonous situation, people are facing stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Here we believe that a company leader should be more than just a boss in times of crisis. To help the team get out of bad shape, a leader needs to step in. For instance, the world’s condition after the pandemic shifted abruptly. Team performance review had little time to prepare themselves for what is coming through.

Many people have not yet managed to create a work-life balance while working remotely. A lot of the employees have forgotten to step out of their house completely. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, all they do is work. Here on Chatonic, you can find many articles.

In such a situation, it is the job of a leader to guide the team through pandemic burnout. If you are part of the company support team or leadership then you have some responsibilities lying ahead of you.

To help you out of this we have some suggestions. Here is how you can take care of your people and eventually take care of your business.

Check-in with Your Team

The thing of check-in with teammates should not only be about evaluating their job performance. Instead in times like these, it is important to have check-ins on a personal basis rather than a professional.

There will be many employees that have faced the virus or their loved ones have suffered through it. Some employees might still be quarantined alone or some far away from their families. Another might have difficulty working at all with slow internet service and inadequate work from home tools.

After using knowledge of the condition, you will be able to show your condolences, care or even provide a solution such as replacing the old and slow internet service with high-speed internet like Cox Internet.

If all this does not work for you then you can simply leave a text to make sure everything is Ok in the team.

Interpersonal interactions with your team can help make a better work connection and also a better work environment.

Refresh Schedule

If your schedule of work is not ringing with any of the team members then you might want to have a second look at that.

Sometimes having different work to do can be pretty satisfying and motivating for employees. If you want to go see a boost of morale in your team you need to assign them to work as per their personalities.

This way you can have a better solution for the work problems and also help the teammates bring the best out of themselves while working on a project close to heart or mind.

Personal Days

A lot of studies have shown that people in the country are not utilizing the personal days very often. If you want your team to work through pandemic burnout then you need to encourage empathy habits.

For a stable team, you need to spread the message to your teammates and guide them on how important it is to use their personal days.

People work hard but in the past year, people have been surviving, working, and living throughout the difficulties. Therefore, they need to have a break and plan a family fun day. If not then a board game, a small picnic can do the best for them.

Push Your Teammates to Connect

The time has come for you to encourage your teammates to connect with each other. While the work from home is great in so many ways it still can not provide access to the water-cooler conversation or light-hearted chat among colleagues.

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However, there is always a virtual way in reality that can not be planned. Your teammates can be over video calls or virtual chats to build a better work environment for themselves.


In conclusion, work from home is difficult and it has caused a lot of people to work excessively. However, as a leader, you can fix this.

Written by Addison Taylor

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