Hollywood Unlocked Ig – What is it about, and who runs it?

Hollywood Unlocked Ig

Hollywood Unlocked ig account is owned by Jason Lee, a famous American blogger and self-made entrepreneur. The account has 3.6 million followers as of February 2024, with 151,859 posts. The account’s bio shows it is about the latest pop culture news. The account posts all the recent news about pop culture and celebrities. 

Hollywood Unlocked became the core reason for Jason Lee’s popularity. Most people know him because of Hollywood Unlocked, which went viral for publishing exciting news. Jason is often photographed with celebrities like Amber Rose and Kanye West. Recently, he was seen with a famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Let’s find out all about Hollywood Unlocked and its CEO. 

What is Hollywood Unlocked?

Hollywood Unlocked, an American publishing website, shares all the latest news about celebrities worldwide. The account calls itself ‘The Pulse of Pop Culture,’ as mentioned in the account’s bio. The account is known for bringing truth to rumors and has over 3 million followers. 

The account is active and posts the latest news after every few hours. Apart from its Instagram account, Hollywood Unlocked also runs its YouTube channel with the handle @HOLLYWOODUNLOCKED and has 499k subscribers and 1.1k videos published as of February 2024. Hollywood Unlocked keeps a close eye on the latest affairs of celebrities. 

Who runs Hollywood Unlocked Ig? 

Jason Lee is the founder and owner of Hollywood Unlocked. He also runs the podcast ‘Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee’ and the TV series ‘The Jason Lee Show.’ Jason is a blogger and self-made entrepreneur but is mainly famous for his Hollywood Unlocked. He interviews big celebrities and is often spotted with them at various places. He spends most of his time among celebrities and often grabs the viewers’ attention.

Jason participated in multiple reality shows on channels like MTV and grabbed the attention of the audience. He then launched Hollywood Unlocked, which became immensely popular. Because of his relations with high-profile celebrities, he was able to build his social media brand, which profited him in several ways. Jason is 46 years old and has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. The huge number of followers speaks for his popularity. 

Recent Posts by Hollywood Unlocked 

Let’s have a look at some recent posts by Hollywood Unlocked that grabbed the attention of followers. 

Floyd Mayweather Talks To NBA YoungBoy Daily 

A recent post on Hollywood Unlocked showed a video of Floyd Mayweather in which he is talking about his relationship with NBA YoungBoy. He said he and NBA YoungBoy speak on a regular basis, and he shares his experience with him. Floyd said he is proud of the young boy. The post got immediate responses from fans, and they loved hearing Floyd about the young boy. The post has 4,731 likes and 300 comments within an hour of publishing. 

Happy Birthday Rihanna 

In a recent post, Hollywood Unlocked wished the famous singer Rihanna a happy birthday. The post included six of Rihanna’s most popular videos, and fans were asked to pick their favorite one. The post got a decent engagement from fans, 3,170 likes, and 147 comments as of now. The fans showed their love for Rihanna in the comments and mentioned the best video according to them. 

Donnel Rawlings Confronts Corey Holcomb

A recent post mentioned the heated engagement of Donnel Rawlings and Corey Holcomb. The post mentions that Rawlings went to the stage before Corey, and as he got on stage, he started taking shots at Rawlings and Dave Chappelle and even called Rawlings a ‘mild’ comedian. The video is also uploaded on Hollywood Unlocked, which shows Corey Holcomb calling Rawlings a mild comedian and a lame funny man. 

Rawlings couldn’t take it and started bashing him with words in front of the audience. Later, in an interview with a media person, Rawlings said that he felt insulted and couldn’t bear anyone insulting him and his friend. The post got a massive fan engagement and has now brought 5,052 likes and 1,041 comments. 

Offset Shows His Support For Cardi B 

A recent post on Hollywood Unlocked included the Instagram story of Offset, where he was seen vibing on a Cardi B song. He mentioned the famous female rapper and asked her to stop being scared and drop the new album. The fans showed mixed emotions about Offset’s support for Cardi and expressed their reviews in the comments. The post has got 13,993 likes and 1,038 comments as of now. Some of them mentioned their relationship, while others seconded his ideas. 

MGK Reveals Painful Tattoo Cover-Up 

A recent post on Hollywood Unlocked showed the recent photoshoot of the famous MGK. He revealed a tattoo that covers his upper body, and fans can’t resist it. He looks aesthetic in the pictures, and fans are amazed by his charisma. The post spread like fire in the Jungle and has got 9,042 likes and 1,881 comments as of now. The fans expressed mixed emotions in the comments. Some of them trolled him badly, and one said he’s trying to be black Spiderman, while the others called it hot shit. 


Who runs Hollywood Unlocked? 

Jason Lee, a famous American blogger and TV host, owns Hollywood Unlocked Media. 

How many followers does the Hollywood Unlocked Instagram account have? 

The Instagram account of Hollywood Unlocked has 3.6 million followers as of February 2024. 

Final Say 

Hollywood Unlocked Ig is one of the finest American news publishing platforms. The platform shares the latest news about celebrities around the world. The Instagram account has over 3 million followers and is growing steadily. The founder of Hollywood Unlocked is Jason Lee, a famous American blogger. Jason is renowned for his podcasts and hosting TV shows. 

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