Horse Racing: The Sport of Kings?

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If you scroll back through the annals of time, you’ll discover that horse racing has existed since 4500BC. In ancient Greece and Rome, horse racing was one of the most popular events. But it wasn’t thoroughbred horse racing but chariot racing that was really popular among the monarchs. The Roman games in 366 BC Romans were massive fans of these games; Coliseums used to fill up with around 250,000 people as they witnessed the sport.

Having a horse was a huge deal in that era. Only the rich aristocrats could afford a horse. Yet things have not changed much; owning a horse even in 2022 is a huge deal. A strong stallion can cost you between $50,000 and $400,000 or more. And it doesn’t end here; you also have to pay for its maintenance. The maintenance part could cost you thousands of dollars. So, owning a horse was a royal hobby then and still is!

The Royal Sport’s History

Horse racing is colloquially known as the “sport of kings.” To understand the reason behind its name, we have to travel a bit in the past. In the UK, horse racing began over 300 years ago. Only the royal families of England used to participate in horse races. It was considered a show of wealth and class, and an ordinary person couldn’t even afford the expenses that come with horse racing. Yet, the breeding of horses was a passion of the English aristocrats. Therefore, it was called the sport of kings; even the first horse jockey was a king himself.

Events like The Championships and Melbourne Cup were unheard of in that era.

The history of the royal family of England reveals that King Charles I and II were fond of horses and were quite the experts in handling these powerful creatures. Charles II is known as “the father of the British turf.” The British Royal Family loves horses, and the guards of the royal family are horseback soldiers. The queen herself is a big fan of horses, with a number of her horses racing in Europe regularly.

The first racing event in Australia

The first formal Australian horse race took place in the late 1810s. It was the first sporting event organised in the colony, and only the landowners, the military men and those who owned horses could participate in the race. The foremost reason was that only the richest could afford it, and people weren’t much aware of these racing events.

A young thoroughbred horse was imported to Australia in 1797, called Rockingham. Another strong stallion called Northumberland, an English mare was imported in 1802. The bloodline of Northumberland can still bring thoroughbred horses into the world.

Is it a Sport of Kings?

Horse racing continues to be a “sport of kings” financially.

It has been over two centuries since the beginning of horse racing; however, it has not lost its allure. Today in Australia, it has become the 3rd most popular sport. This development satisfies the reason behind the huge prize money of events such as The Championship, Coolmore Legacy Stakes and many more.

However, punters are not much interested in history; they want to back a winner! As the Autumn racing carnival approaches, you don’t need to own a horse to enjoy the racing.

It would be best if you had some betting tips to become a winner of wagers as there are plenty of types of bets. Some like to put all of their money in one race, while some like to bet on the longshots—the choice is yours. Just wager safe and responsibly, and don’t forget to brush up your skills to keep all the betting odds on your side.

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