How an Experienced Attorney Can Help with Estate Planning


No one can predict their death. We all know that you will no longer be able to orchestrate your affairs once you’ve transitioned to the great beyond. 

A few Gilbert residents are opting for free DIY estate planning toolkits found online. These tools may be convenient and offer short-term benefits. However, when things get real, you cannot expect your magic toolkit to pick up legal battles on your behalf. Therefore, reaching out to a Gilbert estate planning law firm is your best shot at ensuring that your wishes are carried out after your demise.

If you want a legal battle, reach out to an estate attorney now that you are still alive and well.

In this article, we’ll show you a few areas where the help of an attorney can be highly beneficial to your estate planning process.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney is a special authorization given to a person you trust the most. This person is expected to act in your best interest if you’re ever in a situation where you cannot make decisions for yourself. This may be a medical, financial, or even legal decision.

Your estate planning attorney drafts out the contract that stipulates the amount of authority this person has over your affairs and the duration for which they are expected to act in this position.

Drafting wills

We all know what a will is. Your estate attorney will help you with the drafting of this document. It usually contains a list of all properties attached to your network as well as the prospective recipients of each fraction of your wealth in the event of your passing.

Furthermore, it is the duty of your estate attorney to review and enact changes to your pre-existing will whenever you deem it necessary.

Setting up trusts

You are legally allowed to set up trusts without an attorney. However, with an attorney by your side, you can prevent any possibility of litigation and also avoid taxes.

Setting up trust funds for your beneficiaries is the safest means of ensuring that they get their inheritance with minimal hassles.

Peaceful splitting of assets

The estate planning attorney will ensure that your will is carried out to the letter. If there are any unresolved conflicts or silent wars between your family members or beneficiaries, your estate attorney is mandated to do everything within his legal capacity to dispel these disputes.

Doing this would ensure that your legacy can be mourned in a harmonious environment, and most importantly, there would be no contesting of the will.

Special needs planning

An estate plan is so extensive that it can cover a comprehensive welfare program for any of your children or benefactors with special needs after your demise. This program covers their financial and personal needs. Most times, their power of attorney is bestowed on a willing individual of your choice while you’re still alive.

Final Thoughts

Estate attorneys are a must-have for everyone, regardless of their financial capacity. The legal guidance and protection that come with having one are almost unmatched. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to invest in one, consider this a sign to give them a shot.

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