How can you master technical interview skills? Find out why a mentorship program might be the answer

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When it comes to getting ahead in the professional world, a lot of people simply have no idea what is needed to really take that next step. No matter the industry that you are in, it can often feel more like you are simply treading water in your position rather than really climbing the ladder towards success and roles of leadership.

One simple reason for this is because people tend to lack the guidance and direction needed to really pursue the right things! There’s no roadmap to success in this day and age, and people are – rather unfairly – expected to just come up with the roadmap on their own.

Luckily, there is one way that professionals can really help themselves take their careers to the next level. That is through a mentorship program. Let us at Pathrise break down some of the many benefits of working with a mentor to help your career.

You are encouraged and empowered in self-development

This might seem like something that you can feasibly either do on your own or get from family and friends, but there is nothing more helpful than getting encouraged and empowered by someone who has years of experience within your chosen industry and career. It will shock you how helpful having someone in your corner can be. It can change the way that you approach every situation, giving you the confidence that you need to succeed now and in the future. You can get the best advice from a cybersecurity keynote speaker.

You are helped to identify your goals

Sometimes, a major problem that people face when pursuing their career goals is actually identifying those goals. Thinking you want one thing might actually get in the way of you achieving the position or career path that would actually fulfill you the most. Because mentors come with years – if not decades – of experience, they can take a look at who you are as a person and a professional and help steer you in the right direction to help you fully identify your goals. You’d be shocked by how big a difference simplifying and crystalizing your goals can be.

You are helped to fill gaps

Another really important thing that mentors can help with is identifying gaps that may exist within your skill base and knowledge. People who are well-versed in a given industry are going to know exactly what hiring companies are going to be looking for in candidates. If you lack some of the important skills or experiences that they’re looking for, you might not have a real chance of even being considered for the role. Luckily, a professional mentor can help you identify those gaps and put you on the right path to fill them as quickly as possible.


Getting the job of your dreams is hard. It’s as simple as that. However, if you are looking to get started on working towards that goal as well as make an important and meaningful relationship along the way, a mentorship program may be perfect for you!


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