How Cloud Computing is Changing Network Monitoring

Everything to know about Cloud Services

What Is Cloud Computing?

It refers to using computer system resources such as computing power and network management software provided by the cloud in a public, private or hybrid setting. Its essence is to separate the delivery of computer services from the primary technology.

How It Is Changing Network Monitoring

In pursuit of more reliable and secure data access, businesses and organizations nowadays are opting for cloud computing. The management of these businesses has been able to predict some of these changes, but some, they didn’t see coming.

The following are some changes that have been brought by cloud technology;

  1. A much flexible work structure

Cloud technology ensures that information moves faster across computer systems. This brings much-needed help to organizations and enterprises with bigger workloads.

Since cloud services also come with heightened virtualization, businesses are guaranteed even easier and time-efficient security patches for numerous machines. This enables the enterprises to adjust to the needs of their thousands of customers, thus improving customer service.

  1. Change in products design

With the rapid improvement in cloud network monitoring, companies that have adopted the technology can create and develop some of their products within the cloud system.

With aspects such as image and speech recognition in the cloud system, enterprises can now even design their marketing campaigns.

Example of these enterprises that have used cloud technology to advances their product design is Oden Technologies. The company was able to design a tablet system that could aid with sensor systems in 10 weeks.

This task could normally take over six months, but with the aid of cloud technology, it didn’t.

  1. A more consistent user experience

One of the things that ruin user experience is complexity. The use of cloud technology has improved user experience among computer systems. Now you don’t need to have advanced knowledge in IT to get a better user experience.

Cloud systems have brought along a more simplified and interactive system for its users. This alone saves up brands and organizations the cost of training their IT staff. That cost and time have been used in other pressing issues in the enterprises.

  1. More collaboration

Time is gone when colleagues needed to be all over each other’s desk to consult about a particular task. Cloud systems have eliminated all that with their more advanced and innovative technology.

Cloud technology now gives its users the freedom to share, edit and access files and documents from wherever they are. This means colleagues can reach each other and share thoughts about different tasks more easily. This saves the time and effort of stopping at the offices to brainstorm.

  1. Easier software updates

With cloud technology, users do not need to keep checking what software needs updating. This is because updates in cloud systems happen automatically, leaving workers with more time to work on more important assignments.


For the firms that would like to improve their user experience, lessen the work for their IT staff, among other solutions, cloud computing is the way.

Written by Addison Taylor

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