How Do I Change My Primary Shipping Address On Amazon?

How Do I Change My Primary Shipping Address On Amazon

Have you ordered something and then realized that you’d made a dire mistake, a mistake that might just be redeemable? Oh, you know what we’re talking about. In the frenzy of ordering something new on Amazon, you end up putting in the wrong delivery address, or maybe you moved to a new place and need to modify your shipping address.

However, in order to know that, you need to know how to change shipping address on Amazon, or if that’s even possible.

Can you Change the Shipping Address on Amazon?

The good news is, yes, you can change your shipping address on Amazon. But, there are some limitations. To be specific, you can alter your delivery address before Amazon ships your order to you from their facility.

If it is already delivered, you can contact Amazon’s customer support and request a refund. There will be two options. If your current address is close to your previous address, they might update it by contacting the courier service.

However, suppose your current address is far away from your previous address. In that case, the customer support will be unable to make the necessary changes, and the order will return to Amazon.

So here’s how to change shipping address on Amazon:

Let’s say you’ve finished shopping and are ready to check out. So just as you go to the final screen to click the “Place your order” button on the right, click the “Change” icon. You will find this icon on the left-hand side next to the Shipping address.

A popup window appears, displaying all of the shipping addresses you’ve ever entered. To ship to one of these addresses, press the “Ship to this address” key. Tap the “Add new shipping address” icon on the right to add a new shipping address for this and the upcoming orders.

An option appears on the checkout screen that says, “Check this box to default to these delivery and payment options in the future.” Check it if you want Amazon to recognize the payment system as well.

What is the Amazon Billing Address?

Your billing address is the address where your debit or credit card is charged on Amazon.

Is it possible to Update your Shipping Address After you’ve made a Purchase on Amazon?

For the order, you want to alter, click the “Order Details” page. Furthermore, to make changes to orders, click Change next to each item you wish to change, which can be your shipping address, billing address, gift options, payment method, etc.

If you are not placing an order, here’s how you can change your shipping address. Go to, hover over the “Your Account” dropdown button on the right, and pick “Your Account” to change your default shipping address.

To set a new address, go to Settings, which would be the third category of options, and select “Add New Address,” or go to Manage address book if you already have one.

What is the Default Shipping Address?

When it comes to details, the “default” information is the one that Amazon uses if nothing else is specified, i.e., care-of address, home address, shipping address, billing address, work address, etc. The details include location, contact details, mode of communication, etc.

Set a Default Delivery Address

On the Offer Listings tab, the Default Shipping Address in your Shipping Settings shows buyers from where are you shipping. While you can specify several shipping addresses, each account can only have one Default Shipping Address. All services and listings associated with the same seller account are affected by this setting.

  1. Open the General Shipping Settings.
  2. Where it is said “Default Shipping Address,” tap on “Edit.”
  3. From the menu list, pick your “Default Shipping Address.”
  4. Hit the “Save” button.

Your new Default Shipping Address choice can take up to six hours to appear.

Set the Ship-from Address

  1. Open the General Shipping Settings.
  2. Where it is said “Default Shipping Address,” tap on “Edit.”
  3. Tap on “Add a new address,” or press Edit beside an existing address input.
  4. Enter the address.
  5. From the dropdown menu, choose a country.
  6. Under address, type the physical shipping address.
  7. To quickly verify your entry, put in the postal code linked with this address and then press Check postal code.
  8. Fill in the following information of your town/city, state/region/county, email address, and primary mobile number.
  9. Hit the “Save” button.

Remove the Ship-from Address

  1. Open the General Shipping Settings.
  2. Where it is said “Default Shipping Address,” tap on “Edit.”
  3. Next to the address, you would like to delete, click Delete.

However, you can’t delete your Default Shipping Address if you have just one ship-from address. Moreover, before deleting another address, you’ll need to create a new one and set it as your Default Shipping Address.

  1. To delete, select Yes and No to cancel and keep.

It Sums Up

You can add several shipping addresses to your account, not only for yourself but also for everyone to whom you’ve ever sent a gift, package. Unless you delete an address from your Amazon address book, it will remember it automatically.

As now you know how to change shipping address on Amazon, you might not be as worried as you get stuck in errors and faults of addresses. For every problem, there is a solution. So now, order without doubts and peace of mind because we’re all humans, and we can go wrong. Likewise, we can modify instructions to the programs to work our way.

We wish you a happy shopping!

Written by Addison Taylor

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