How Do I Clean My Eyeglasses?

How Do I Clean My Eyeglasses?

For most people, their eyeglasses are crucial to achieving a clear vision. For some, it could mean protection from screens and blue light, and for others, it could simply be a fashion statement. No matter what you use eyeglasses for, you won’t be able to see much if your lenses are smudged and dirty. In addition, dirty eyewear could lead to some gross eye infections that no one wants to deal with.

On the other hand, if you are using contact lenses, head on to to get expert help on how to clean and take care of your eyewear.

Here’s a comprehensive article that details the correct way to clean your glasses.

What Not To Do When Cleaning your Glasses

Though most people know how to clean their eyeglasses, we often miss out on small aspects that could end up scratching the lens or worsening the dirt. Here are some don’ts of eyewear cleaning that should be followed:

  • Never wipe your lens when they are dry, as any dirt on the lens will move around the surface and can potentially scratch your lens.
  • Never use surface or glass cleaners on your lenses, as they contain harsh chemicals. This could have harmful implications, both on your eyes and on the lens itself.
  • Never blow on your lens and wipe with a shirt or random cloth, as the normal fabric is too harsh for a lens.
  • Never use toilet paper or tissue paper to clean your lenses, because they can almost certainly cause scratches on your lens.

How to Properly Clean your Glasses

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do, let’s discuss all the things you should do before and while you clean your eyewear.

Wash Your Hands:

As obvious as it seems, we can often forget to wash our hands before touching our lenses. You touch a lot of things in a day, including your pet, dusty tables, greasy snacks, and your sweat. The last thing you’d want is to further dirty your lens with grease and dirt.

Another thing to remember is to avoid moisturizing after you wash your hands, as leftover residue could fog your lens up even more. Use a sanitizing hand wash and wipe your hands dry with a clean towel before you deal with your glasses.

Use the Liquid Cleaner That is Provided 

It is important to keep in mind that normal liquid soaps or disinfectants can be too harsh or too mild on your lenses. Ideally, use the solution that is provided with the glasses, as they are made for this purpose. When you spread harsh cleaners on your lenses, they can corrode the anti-glare protection and cause damage, decreasing the durability of your lens.

Use the right cloth for wiping:

Again, we advise that you use the cloth that is provided to you to wipe away your lens. Using a t-shirt, a paper towel or other harsh fabrics over your lens can cause unnecessary scratches and may not wipe away the dirt completely. If you do not have access to the provided cloth, you can use a soft microfiber cloth, which works just as well.

Use lukewarm water to wipe:

Firstly, never place your glasses under running water to rinse them. Next off, lukewarm water does a much better job of cleaning away all residue and grease on your lens. Start by splashing your lens lightly with lukewarm water and move it around before gently shaking it off.

Next, add a few drops of the solution onto each lens and gently begin cleaning your glasses. Once it’s done, splash more lukewarm water and clean off the soap. Do this multiple times to ensure no residue is left. Never use hot water as it corrodes the lens and can cause irreparable damage.

Use these tips to clean your glasses every time and you can be assured that you’ll have clean, crystal clear, and long-lasting lenses. If you feel the need, you can also have your eyeglasses professionally cleaned from time to time!

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