How Emerging Technologies are Affecting Crimes

How Emerging Technologies are Affecting Crimes

Cybercriminals are often improving themselves to avoid getting caught by the law. Because of all the innovative ways to detect and investigate a crime scene, evidence, and surveillance, technology has significantly boosted law enforcement. On the other hand, criminals can take advantage of new and emerging technologies in the same way to break cybersecurity layers and use it to improve their crime and avoid being caught as quickly because they understand the rules and the crime they are committing better. This can apply to a wide range of crimes, from white-collar crime to simple robbery, and as a result, law enforcement and offenders are constantly competing to see who is most advanced in their methods.

In today’s world, there are several different forms of crime. From murder to theft, corruption is still changing to keep up with the latest technology developed to fight it. Burglary has adapted well to technological advancements, both online and in person. Criminals are no longer just robbing people out of their homes; they have progressed to even more sophisticated activities, such as cyber heists. Criminals have been able to commit crimes while remaining untraceable in the eyes of the law thanks to new technology trends.

Criminals who are apprehended and demand a trial may be using the test to discover their errors. Criminals will use the prosecution to their benefit after they have completed their sentence, identifying how they were caught and improving themselves in the future to commit their crime more undetected. Consider the case of a bank robbery. They were sentenced to five years in jail for committing an actual crime. Rather than take a plea bargain or something, he demanded a trial before serving his sentence. Since he removed his mask to unlock the safe’s lock, he was able to see that they had captured him. This was his only error, and it revealed the whole heist.

After serving his sentence, the man is released and returns to robbing small businesses and banks, but this time he places a higher priority on protecting his identity when committing the crimes. Criminals use this strategy to take advantage of the criminal justice system; because they are already serving time, they gain an advantage once released, so they are aware of the errors they made in past crimes and can learn and correct themselves to commit the offense more effectively without getting detected.

The evolution of technology has also had an impact on white-collar crime, especially in our modern society. Beginning in the 1990s, authorities started to notice a significant increase in white-collar crime. Following that, laws were put in place to begin regulating this crime. The DOJ released the Thompson Memorandum in 2003, amid a series of corporate scandals, to help determine whether to tax companies rather than individuals. This proposal could only go so far because certain crimes were already charged against individuals: embezzlement, tax evasion, bankruptcy frauds, corporate crimes, and so on. One or more citizens perpetrated these crimes to take advantage of the government or a company so that the Thompson Memorandum would not help in some situations.

Technology can be seen as a positive thing in general, but it can be detrimental to society when it is misused. This evolution is continually going forward with both the criminal justice department and those they are trying to deter, from improvements in shielding the tracks for cyber and technical crimes to the potential to properly perform your crimes by cultivating your offense to be as actual as ever, such as with bankruptcy fraud. And, despite efforts to regulate such crimes, they will continue to occur due to the existence of humans. Because of the relentless advancement of technology, these crimes are gaining traction almost as quickly as we find ways to better deter them, according to crime theories.

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