How Long to Beat Lisa?

How Long to Beat Lisa

Side-scrolling combat technology in the Lisa game utilizes 2D. Lisa is a blending of culture-based game. The theme of the game relies on sacrifice, survival, and prevention. Don’t be curious we’ll tell you how long to beat Lisa takes.

Story of Lisa:

Brad and his flocks are drug-addicted characters of the game. Joy is the name of that drug. The intake of Joy boosts the power of the gamic-character. Meanwhile, the drug retreats the energy during the play due to misuse or not uses. The potential flocks like bars and shops meet Brad often during the various agreement.

12 Features of the Lisa:

Meanwhile, you don’t know about the features of the game. You can’t analyze that how long to beat Lisa or any other game will take. Therefore we described here the main features of the game.

  1. Companions:

Thirty potential flocks styled in the Lisa, still all depends on Brad. All depending Flocks are susceptible to death.

  1. Death:

The death causes due by the game design events. Sometimes death occurs due to enemy killing attacks.

  1. Attack:

Brad and his flocks use the compound of attacks like dial combo and fireball system in battle. The player presses the chain of keys to attack powerfully.

  1. Techniques:

Flocks of Brad need to play both techniques like defensive and offensive.

  1. Secret Arms:

Brad and Flocks use secret weapons like poison and the effect of paralysis.

  1. Styles:

Every member of the party has their style of play like an anti-Joy crusader.

  1. Pokes:

The style of Ajeet’s usual attack is consists of numerous Pokes. The Pokes does not collapse but gives insured standing effects to beat the enemy.

  1. Special Move:

Special moves are specified to make direct collapse.

  1. Choices:

During the game, Brad asks to make choices between few things. Like, let the flocks die or lose your arms. The choice depends on the free-will of the gamer.

  1. Impact:

Ascertain player chose to lose both of Brad’s arms, the status decrease too low.

  1. Frequency of the Joy:

Therefore the frequency of Joy withdrawal increase.

  1. Biting Style:

By losing arms, Brad disables to use Armstrong Style. In the absence of both arms, Brad can only bite the enemy.

How long to beat Lisa?

  • Main Story:

The length of the main story covers 10+ hours to beat in Lisa.

  • Extras:

Extraordinary activities consume 15+ hours to finish the Lisa.

  • Completion:

If you are a completionist, you will take more than 25 hours to complete the game.

  • Average:

An average to complete the game quits on the 14 to 15 hours completion.

The play depends on the style of the player’s choice and style. What you chose to lose, and what do you lose, to stay? These all styles, choices impact the timing of the game.

Lisa the Painful:

Under the beautiful and exciting surface, the world is full of hatred and ethical decay. Through Lisa the pain, the gamers know that what kind of person they are. Do their ethics lead them to sacrifice or slaughter others for little advantage? The ethical character that builds in them appears by choice instead of force. Because these choices lastingly impact the game.

Reasons of Pain:

Ascertain if one wants to save their Flock from death. They need to sacrifice the power of their character.

  • You need to lose the arms or limbs of Brad, to save the friends of Brad.
  • Meanwhile, one can learn how mean the world is and how difficult is survival.
  • Being heartless is essential for self-survival in this mean world.


Brad is middle-aged, bald, and the leading character of Lisa. The player controls Brad as the player. The Bard is the representative of the player in the game. The choices and decisions the player takes Bard need to accomplish in the game. Bard depends on the player to make the decision.


The journey of Brad is such a pain. That’s why the game claims the subtitle of Lisa the Painful. Brad goes throughout the game in search of his friend’s daughter. All along with the game, Brad drives to make decisions that lastingly impact both. Like Bard’s well-being and his friend’s daughter’s life.

Lisa earned a positive response from the gamers. Viewers admire the theme of Lisa. And encourage the dark sense of comedy in sound notes and dialogues. Hopefully, you understood that how long to beat Lisa. If you are a game lover or have any query related to games, you should visit

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