How SMS Services Providers Are Evolving Within CPaaS Ecosystems

In the customer-centric tech era, businesses wish to grab the attention of their customers with a unified, connected engagement. Customers have become smarter than ever these days. So, it is vital for businesses to deliver a seamless and personalized experience. They need to set the benchmarks for their competitors. 

SMS plays a very crucial role in connecting with customers. It is one of the best means to provide personalized and context-aware experiences. This is why businesses prefer to work with a great SMS services provider like Airtel. 

Transforming Business Messaging with SMS API

Though there are numerous versatile communication alternatives, SMS is still considered the most popular communication channel across the globe. With Airtel SMS API, businesses can send, receive, and track messages at scale. 

Businesses tend to work with SMS service providers that allow them to deliver messages at times when customers like to read them. Airtel provides a reliable and secure way to expand its reach to a broader audience. 

What is an SMS API?

SMS API enhances the text messaging capabilities of the existing applications. It seamlessly incorporates the current system. It enables the delivery of thousands of messages within seconds. Following integration, the SMS API service provider directs all messages to the mobile network through the SMS gateway API.

Benefits of Airtel’s SMS API Services

  • Supports all types of SMS formats
  • URL Shortening: Short links that direct customers to the original location
  • Blacklisting: Allows to remove recipients 
  • Duplicate Number Removal: Avoids redundancy
  • Vernacular Support: Supports local languages
  • Analytics and Reporting: Generate reports containing status updates, including ‘sent’ (to network and not to network), ‘in progress,’ ‘delivered,’ and ‘failed’ with accompanying error codes and logs.

Introducing Business CPaas by Airtel IQ

Airtel IQ is a cloud-based platform for omni-channel communication. It empowers businesses to enhance their interactions with customers by delivering timely and secure communication. Business CPaaS, or Communications Platform as a Service, encompasses a range of technologies. 

These enable businesses to connect with customers across their preferred channels at various stages of their brand journey. It leverages the fundamental principles of cloud technology. It ensures that context seamlessly transfers to the next channel as customers seek to resolve their business inquiries.

The Changing Landscape of SMS Service Providers in CPaaS

SMS service providers are evolving significantly within CPaaS ecosystems like Airtel IQ. They now offer seamless integration, enabling businesses to send SMS efficiently. With advanced tracking and analytics, they provide real-time insights into message status, delivery, and performance. This evolution empowers businesses to enhance their communication strategies and engage with customers more effectively.

Airtel is well-known for its high-quality telecom infrastructure. It combines various customer communication channels like SMS, voice, and IVR. This integrated system offers businesses a dependable, all-encompassing communication solution. This way, Airtel becomes a one-stop CPaaS provider.

Some important features of Business CPaaS include:

  • Smart Call Routing: This route directs calls to skilled teams. In-call queues, automated solutions or tickets can be set up automatically.
  • Configurable APIs: It allows businesses to define the participants they wish to add to the solution. You can define the kind of announcement to play. 
  • Smart IVR: Businesses can establish complex Interactive Voice Response structures to direct calls to exact call queues. while providing functions such as hold, mute, and transfer options.

Unlock the potential of CPaaS with Airtel IQ

SMS service providers are undergoing a remarkable transformation in the dynamic CPaaS ecosystem, particularly within Airtel IQ. This evolution marks a shift towards seamless integration. It enhances analytics and more effective customer engagement. It enables businesses to adapt, compete, and thrive in an ever-evolving communication landscape.

Switch to Airtel IQ now to start transforming the way you connect with your customers!!

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