How Tantric massage can Improve Your Life

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Many studies have now been carried on massage which clearly show the positive effects on overall health. We live in a very fast paced life in the modern day and so prioritizing some time for ourselves is important to help stay relaxed and calm.

Whether you opt for a Swedish or a bit of Shiatsu you can achieve this goal no problem. But Tantra and tantric massage on the other hand is one that many will argue, perhaps does an even better job. Although it is quite a taboo subject for some, tantric massage, especially using yoni oil, brings with it a range of benefits for both body, mind, and spirit.

So first, what is it?

What is a Tantric Massage

Many people, without much knowledge in the field, will say it is just an erotic massage between a couple. However, those that study Tantra, know that nothing could be further from the truth.

A Massage that works on the concept of Qi and energy flow, it is a head-to-toe form of massage that promotes the flow of sensual energy within the body and also involves meditation and tantric breathing techniques.

So now let us look at some of the main benefits:

Stress and Tension – Many of us are only now starting to realise how much of a negative role stress can play in our day to day lives. When you suffer from stress your brain does not function correctly which can lead to irritability and forgetfulness. Additionally, studies have shown that stress is also responsible or over 90% of chronic disease. Tantric massage provides a way to maintain focus and keep relaxed at the same time, which can really help to lower stress when done regularly.

Overall Mental Health – a nice by product of keeping stress levels down is that by keeping focus we can also really achieve a much clearer thought process. This is great for helping one keep things in perspective, and therefore not let too many negative thoughts overwhelm ourthought processes. Using some of the tools in Tantra such as breathing techniques and meditation, means that we can employ these in our hour of need.

Improved Sex Life – One of the things that most people will have read is that Tantra can be great for one’s sex life, and yes,it is true. By getting a deeper connection with your significant other, and of course, being more aware of his or her needs, will lead this to happening quite naturally in most relationships where Tantra is embraced and practiced regularly.

Better Sleep – One of the great things for those that have trouble sleeping is the much longer and deeper sleep patterns that can be achieved with Tantra. A combination of meditation, breathing techniques, and 스웨디시 massage can help the receiver get into the deepest state of relaxation during massage.

Learning to relax in this way can make sleeping problems a thing of the past, as one can quite easily block out any negative speak, and can drift off to sleep with a clear and uncluttered mind.

To find out more on Tantra, or to simply book yourself in for a treatment, contact Aphrodite London Tantric today, for a massage to remember.

Written by Crystal Rae

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