How to Bring Your Business to the Next Level With Sales Prospecting Tools

How to Bring Your Business to the Next Level With Sales Prospecting Tools

What Do We Need Sales Prospecting For?

Sales prospecting is the process of identifying fitting prospects and converting them into potential sales. It’s the core function of the business, still, not everyone understands it. Sometimes it’s just not enough to know the basics. The profound investigation of the matter might happen to be a luxury not everyone can afford. In this case, take a look at  Belkins’ B2B lead generation company proposal. Within an estimate creator period, it’s possible to considerably increase the flow of business leads you get and boost the final sales.  

Anyway, there are also additional means of empowering your business stability. The first thing to be done is a thorough analysis of potential customers. It all comes down to creating an ICP – Ideal Customer Profile. This task can be fulfilled in any number of ways, but it’s important for the entire company to know who the new prospects are and why they’re prone to buy your services or goods. If your company still doesn’t have that profile, it’s an urgent question to take care of. 

Next, come the online marketing strategies. It’s vital to make sure that everyone on staff knows how to convert these new customers into sales by funneling them through an automated pipeline. The more automation there is between marketing and customer service, the better chance you’ll have at creating satisfied customers from new prospects. Since not every task can be done manually without a considerable loss of time, implementing prospecting software has become a must. 

Which Sales Tools Are Perfect to Implement?

There are many tools from Albert ISA available to help business owners with their sales efforts. These include online and phone prospecting tools. Each one of these can be useful in different ways and each should be used for its intended purpose.

Online tools are helpful because they can give you immediate results. You can instantly obtain feedback from your prospects, which is very important when you’re working on closing a sale. They also have other benefits. For example, most websites offer sales tools for free or at a very low cost, which is an added incentive for your business. What is more, it gets much easier to commit B2B appointment setting procedures on the Internet. 

Phone sales prospecting offers some advantages as well. When you have someone on the line who can actually hear what you’re saying, it gives you an advantage over a lot of other businesses. If the prospect isn’t comfortable with the phone, then he or she probably won’t follow up with you. You can avoid losing a sale simply because you didn’t have the customer on the line.

Now it’s high time we spoke about some modern solutions in b2b lead gen. Calling by the phone has its good old charm and a pang of nostalgia in the heart, still, it is slowly going out of fashion. Email advertising is not that trivial, for example. Extending the outreach with it is something many B2B sales leads generation services consistently advise you to do. To increase the effectiveness of this method and improve the overall deliverability, Belkinks recommends using special software for it, like Folderly. This way you guarantee your revenue from email prospecting going up.

This way, both online and phone sales prospecting tools provide you with an opportunity to get out into the community. As you network with other business owners, you’re going to learn more about your strong and weak points, as well as find out more about the type of customers you’re encountering. You may even find out about some opportunities that you weren’t aware of. This will help you build your business faster and make it easier to meet your sales goals.

Top 3 Right Tools For Sales Prospecting

As you learn more about how to bring your business to the next level with sales prospecting tools, there are some things you must have in your arsenal. Something you absolutely must have in your stock is a powerful sales prospecting tools set. These tools come in many different formats. You can find online sales prospecting tools, as well as those that come in the form of CDs or printed materials. The idea is to have a tool that works well for your particular business.

Make sure you’re using the right prospecting tools from the very start. You don’t want to limit yourself, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. Take some time to consider what your options are going to be since there’s plenty of fish in the sea. No matter if your business is big or small, your success will depend greatly on the sales prospecting tools you decide to implement. It may seem overwhelming at first, but by following some simple guidelines, you’ll soon find the right ones to get business leads for you. Since there is a great choice of software on the market, it gets complicated to find the one suitable for your particular needs. We’ve chosen three decent variants for you to consider:

  • Leadfeeder

This software is able to determine customers’ intentions and needs by tracking their visits to your website and the overall impression of this visit. Another advantage is the high degree of integrability with other software. It can be free in use, however, there’s a premium sign-up starting from €63 per month. 

  • Mattermark

To extend your outreach, it’s necessary to gather lots of information regularly. Mattermark can collect it for you. Focused on extracting data from companies’ profiles, it is able to pick the most fitting prospects for the services you offer. The date is filterable and sortable in the way you want it to be done. Besides, Mattermark can be integrated with Salesforce to automate some of the marketing processes for a faster outreach extension. There are both trial and premium versions available. The premium sign-up starts at $49 per month.


Your SDR will surely appreciate this software as it will make their working process much more comfortable. Being a web browser extension, it is capable of finding any email and evaluating its validity. It can also form lists of emails linked together, belonging to a certain company or owner. Finally, it gives a score to the chosen email indicating if it’s prone to reply or not. The first 100 email checks are free, later on, it will be from $39 per month. 

You might wonder if there is any free software available. Unfortunately, most smooth working programs are not free. One thing to console is that sales prospecting software has decent trial periods. This can be used to commit brief testing of the software to understand whether you like it or not. 

Sales Prospecting Is Crucial for your Prosperity

To cut the long story short, people make mistakes and learn from them. We advise everyone to be smart and learn from useful tips like these:

  • The quality of prospects should be above quantity
  • Don’t start any marketing campaign without an ICP
  • Introduce a personalized approach to everything you do in advertising
  • Use modern solutions like software for automating the ongoing processes
  • Be relevant. Don’t try to sell sand in the desert

As you look at how to bring your business to the next level with sales prospecting tools, remember to include these steps anywhere you can. Your prospecting team should bear in mind these tips right from day one. It’s a simple way to get your sales up and your business more profitable. 

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