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How to build High-End Gaming PC

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Gamers have been gaining popularity day by day in this modern age. There is a common question that comes up when a lot of people start thinking about building a gaming PC: why do PC games have an advantage over console games (Xbox, PlayStation)? Games for the PC typically have better graphics and smoother framerates than those for consoles. The majority of enthusiastic gamers prefer PC gaming because these games are cheaper, and you can utilize the same computer for multiple purposes. The most powerful and expensive gaming PCs are those at the highest end. Furthermore, these PCs have no monetary limit, so as you invest more, your PC will get more productive and more efficient. If you start building your own PC, you can save money and get an optimized PC. There are hundreds of high-end PCs on the market, but assembling your own PC can help you save money. Here are some factors by TheBestMotherboard that you should know of:

What factors determine the components of a PC?

Low performance results from the wrong component selection, and the system won’t reach its full potential. The process of selecting compatible and the right components for your gaming PC isn’t more difficult if you’ve decided to build your own. In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider when building a high-end gaming PC in 2022 equipped with the most powerful and top specifications that will allow you to enjoy the best experience.


Intel and AMD are the two largest processor manufacturers. The two companies offer a variety of processors. Choose a processor that has some features, such as a high number of cores, a high clock speed, high thread count and large cache. You can increase the clock speed by overclocking. In addition to benchmarking, choosing the right processor is also based on performance evaluation. Among the best and newest Processors are the Core i7-12700k and Core i5-12600k which have large thread sizes and a large cache.


All electrical components and peripherals are connected to the motherboard. In addition, motherboards provide sockets for chips, RAM (SSD, DDR), expansion slots and power connectors. In addition to the chipset that supports DDR4 and DDR5, the M.2 slot, the VRM for maintaining consistent voltage, and the Wi-fi antenna connector, modern motherboards are loaded with features as well. One of the latest motherboards that incorporate these modern features is the Asus Z690 and ROG STRIX Z590.


16 GB of RAM is the minimum recommended when your PC is preparing for streaming, multitasking, or focused sessions, whereas some games can require more than 12 GB. The interface of your motherboard will tell you whether it supports DDR5 or DDR4 memory, as well as whether it has enough RAM slots, which are determined by the form factor. The amount of RAM and the speed of reading and writing requests at a higher megahertz (MHz) rate are also critical factors. In order to achieve a better experience, DDR4 requires a minimum clock speed of 3,000MHz.


PCI SSDs take advantage of digital flash memory to make games load very quickly. The best SSDs for PCIe 4.0 provide you with the highest speed and compatibility with Windows 10 and 11 high-end features; they are worth the upgrade with larger drives like 512GB or 256GB SSDs. These SSDs are supported by Intel’s latest CPUs, like the Core i9 12900K and Core i5 12600K, and come in the M.2 format with wonderful performance at an affordable price. 


Video & animation quality is improved and calculations are faster with GPU. Graphics cards are mainly made by AMD and NVidia, the two biggest manufacturers. VRAM, Bandwidth, fresh rate, and the bottleneck of a graphics card determine its progress.

Power Supply

A power supply is responsible for supplying electrical power to all your PC components, including your memory, processors, and graphics cards. Power supplies with cheaper prices can provide inconsistencies in the supply. These inconsistencies can cause expensive components to burn. Before investing in one, make sure it’s worth the money.

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