How to change your Gmail settings?

Gmail settings

The importance of Gmail PVA accounts is more preferable to other accounts.  However, when you will start to use Gmail PVA accounts for your own business or contacting with friends, then you will get a lot of features to make it more useful. Our website tries to provide you all those things which are filtered and useful for your different aims.

Gmail settings

If you want to use any email service then you are not allowed to change the settings of that email service but to a very minimum. However, when you will buy Gmail PVA accounts, then you have full control to manage the settings of your Gmail PVA accounts as per your requirements. It is important to note here that some changes are available only on computer users, while if you are mobile device users then there will be a lack of some settings but not more.

If you are using an Android browser or have a tablet for using Gmail PVA accounts, then here are some steps to change your Gmail accounts settings.

  1. Select a device where you want to open your Gmail account.
  2. There will be three vertical lines on the left top of your account. So press on these lines.
  3. There will be appearing some options, so you can choose any one of them that you required, or you can choose the option of General settings.

When you will choose general settings then you can get access to a lot of features that are using by Gmail users to make it more useful. Here are some settings that you can make by choosing General settings.

Default notification

As you know that Gmail is the best email service that can provide different types of features and actions for its users. However, users have the right to change or ignore some features and actions. When you will choose the General setting, then you will get the default notification action on the bottom. Now it depends on you to remain it the same or you can use two other options for it. You can delete as well as archive this notification action.

Conversion view

In general time, you can see a single email from a single address. But if you want to see all conversations of any specific address, then you can turn it on. When you will make this change, then you can easily see all conversations of all email addresses.

Swipe action

Swipe your email message if you want to get some actions on your email messages and through this swiping, there will be some changes on your Gmail accounts. When you will make it enable, then you can manage the settings of swipe left or right. By swiping, you can delete, archive, mark as read as well as unread, use a label, and snooze any email. Now, it is your own choice that which settings will be useful for you. So by swiping an email, you can change it with different actions.

Sender image

as we discuss above that Gmail is a very useful service and when you will choose the general settings of your Gmail PVA accounts, then you can find a lot of numbers of settings. And when you will choose any one of them, then you can get the advantages of that setting. When you will choose the Gmail settings of the sender image, then you can send a message by selecting the sender picture.

Default reply action

If you are part of a group of a conversation, then you can make it possible to send a reply to all members. But for this purpose, it is important to turn it on in general settings, while if you will turn it off, then you can send it to an only a single conversation.

All these settings are available in General Gmail settings. So to make your account best for use then it is important to change your Gmail app settings. There are many other settings in your general settings and when you will choose anyone of them, then the settings and many other actions will be change in your Gmail PVA accounts.


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