How To Choose The Most Appropriate LED Recessed Lighting?

Most Appropriate LED Recessed Lighting
Most Appropriate LED Recessed Lighting

There are several LED recessed light options available, whether you purchase them online or at the nearest home improvement shop.

  1. Dimensions

LED recessed lights for home are available in sizes ranging from 2-inches to 6-inches. Most homes use a mix of 4-inch and 6-inch bulbs, and these two sizes have the greatest range.

It’s convenient to believe that 6-inch lights are brighter than 4-inch lights when considering the size of recessed lights for a bed. This was valid for traditional recessed lamps, but not for LEDs.

In terms of brightness and beam spread, many 4-inch LED recessed lights are comparable to 6-inch lights. As a result, deciding on the right size LED recessed lights for a space is more of an aesthetic than a practical choice. I advise you to take the following strategy.

  1. Brand

Branding is another criterion you need to think about. Some brands are better than others. But you’re looking for a new recessed led light and go to Amazon to look for one. There are 60,000 results when you search for “recessed led light.” How do you narrow the options down to a reasonable number? You choose a brand.

When you type in “Lepro recessed led lighting” your options are reduced to 10. Picking a brand makes you cut through the garbage and discover what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can go to instead of spending so much time looking for the right brand on Amazon. They have a wide collection of recessed lighting from reputable and reliable brands, which would guarantee that you will be getting the best value out of your purchase.

  1. Intensity

The output of LED recessed lights is measured in lumens rather than watts, as it was in the past for incandescent lamps. Don’t make the mistake of measuring LED light brightness by comparing watts. Some LEDs are more powerful than others, requiring less watts to achieve the same or higher lumen output.

I consider using lamps of at least 600 lumens for normal height ceilings and at least 900 lumens for tall ceilings for general lighting. At you’ll find over 30 types of LED recessed lights.

  1. Quality of light

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a metric that compares a light source’s ability to represent colors correctly to an optimal or normal light source.

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Using LEDs with a high CRI is valuable because it ensures that the colors can appear as expected as the light illuminates a space or an entity.

The CRI of the LED lights you pick should be at least 90.

  1. Angle of the Beam

A light’s beam angle is defined as the point where its concentration is 50% or higher. The majority of LED recessed lights (also known as “Retrofit” LEDs) have a high beam angle, particularly those with a lens that is not deeply recessed into the fixture.

Although this is perfect for spreading light, keep in mind that when gazing around a ceiling, a large angle will create unnecessary glare.


Choosing the right LED recessed light is not easy, there are a lot of factors to consider, remember to pick your brand correctly because it came make the difference and filter out the garbage. Also, quality of light and intensity are very important as well. Not to mention the dimensions depending on your room size.

Written by Addison Taylor

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