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Maintenance of Your HVAC
Maintenance of Your HVAC

This area of ​​the career falls under the field of mechanical engineering, which deals with the design and manufacture of machines. Industrial workers produce heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that are used indoors or even in industrial or commercial buildings. Engineers in this industry usually choose to specialize in heating, air conditioning, or ventilation.

When working in this area of ​​careers, people need to understand well. Gas or electric heating systems and HVAC engineers must determine the effectiveness of the various system options. HVAC design professionals are often involved in energy audits, in which they analyze the cost of installing a HVAC system in a facility and compare it to the savings that customers derive from more efficient use of energy.

This area of ​​business also includes frequent testing to ensure that products meet organizational standards. HVAC engineers often need to find out why a particular system component is not working as expected and test the dispatch software hvac produced to ensure they are of high quality to customers. Responsibility for managing finances and time is necessary in the design of heating and air conditioning systems, as engineers usually must determine the costs of troubleshooting system, ventilation and air conditioning failures and the hours of operation associated with these activities.

Customer can easily get support through a maintenance contract that includes HVAC and BMS hardware and software. Thus, the deviation of system parameters from the original values, fine-tuning of systems, etc. can be performed by specialists working in parallel with those groups that originally developed the corresponding applications. This ensures continuity of service, as well as an efficient response to every request for system improvement and adaptation.

To complete the training that prepares a person for this field, the person must enroll in a four-year bachelor’s degree program in mechanical engineering. College applicants must submit the transcripts of their high school courses along with their grades or equivalent grades to their school’s admissions offices. An aspiring HVAC engineer must also submit standardized test scores and complete the school of choice.

How with a CAD-embedded CFD solution for HVAC systems:

  • Leverage a state-of-the-art simulation workflow right within the CAD environment.
  • Leverage the insights gained from HVAC CFD analysis software.
  • Optimize the HVAC system and its components (valves, dampers, heat exchangers, etc.) for high performance and energy savings.

Delivered system

A company’s building management system for semi-industrial buildings requires only a few parameters to be set for a given application. Due to the fact that all HVAC equipment can communicate over the network, the building management system is able to identify equipment items that are related to each other, form an appropriate database and automatically offer the end user such pre-defined functions as the daily schedule of equipment, automatic return to initial settings, zone control and alarm menus – all with virtually zero labor.


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