How to Create Your Own Betting Site

How to Create Your Own Betting Site

The global market for sports betting is growing steadily. Much of its success is attributed to the digital revolution. If you are thinking of creating a bookie site, now is the time.

The prerequisites include the right niche, development approach, a license, and a payment service provider. With white label software for betting by Altenar, launching a site is a piece of cake. You will get a fully functional product and brand it as your own. Here are the basics of building a site for sports bettors in 2021.

What Is Your Niche?

The biggest bookmakers accept bets on almost all sports. Naturally, you will not be able to compete with these giants from the get-go. If your budget is limited, focus on a specific sport or category. This means:

  • You will need a site design and interface tailored to the chosen niche.
  • Your site will need unique offers for fans of this sport. For instance, if it is football, you may accept bets on breaking the rules, first out, the number of yellow cards, etc.
  • The marketing strategy must also be adapted to the chosen market. As you will have a narrow audience, your advertising campaign will be more targeted and efficient. Boosting loyalty is also easier.
  • The offerings will be tied to a region. For instance, football is extremely popular in Europe, but it is obscure in the US. The opposite is true for American football, etc.

Use the Right Analytics

Google Trends will show you what types of bets are most popular in your target region. The system is easy to use. All you need to do is enter the keywords (e.g., “basketball” + “bets”), specify the region and the period. Note that keywords must be entered in the language of the region. Periods shorter than a year are too brief. Finally, make sure the population is also payable.

Development Approaches

If your budget is limited, you do not have to invest in development from the ground up. White label providers build websites on ready-made templates relatively quickly and at a reasonable price. At the moment, there are two main options.

Disadvantages of Building a Unique Site

The most expensive option is development from scratch, which may cost $100,000 or more. You will also have to pay as much for the mobile app. The costs are massive, so focusing on a small niche makes no sense. The key advantage is that you stay in control of the entire process and own the program code.

Discover White Label

This is the optimal choice if you want to get a high-quality product quickly. The price tag may start from $10,000 depending on where your provider is based. Usually, you have to pay a share of your gross profit. The company will customize the design according to your needs. An app is included, along with payment processing, license and promotion.

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