How to design a modern kitchen to be suitable for use?

How to design a modern kitchen to be suitable for use

The kitchen is another important part of the house next to the bedroom and living room because the kitchen is not just a place to cook. It’s also a place to hang out, lounge, or even work. More importantly, the kitchen is also a place to create good times with family therefore; we should pay attention to the kitchen layout design to make the kitchen a place where you can get the most out of it. Learn modern kitchen design ideas through this article. Read the entire article for getting best info about it.

Why do most kitchen build-in companies therefore pay attention to the design of the kitchen area planning?

At present, it can be seen that the company that accepts Built-in kitchens, most of which tend to focus on the design of the kitchen space layout very much. Because choosing to design and plan the kitchen area before doing it. It will give you a kitchen that is suitable for your style of use. So you can use your kitchen to its fullest potential. It is hygienic, comfortable, and safe to use. The design and layout of the kitchen area it is necessary to use principles to help. Which the principles of designing the kitchen area are as follows;

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Principles of kitchen design to be suitable for use.

There are few principles of kitchen design that are suitable for use.

Principles for determining the location of the kitchen:

The location of the kitchen should not be close to a resting corner such as a living room or a corner that needs peace, such as a bedroom, office, etc., because cooking may be disturbed by noise and odors caused by cooking. Also, prefer glass splashbacks in your modern kitchen that add some extra stars to your kitchen interior.

Kitchen lighting design principles:

If possible, install kitchen windows at an angle where natural light can shine through the window In addition to natural light; it provides soft and comfortable light. Having light and having proper ventilation windows will keep the kitchen from smelling musty. And there is no problems with humidity it also provides heat that can help inhibit the growth of germs as well.

Kitchen ventilation principle:

In case you have your own home you can apply the same principles for kitchen lighting design. But if you are in a condominium with limited space or public buildings such as apartments, condominiums, hotels, etc. may have openings or a window in the kitchen area is quite small Or there may be no openings at all. Therefore, it is necessary to install an additional ventilation system to help extract the fumes or unwanted smells to the outside of the building and help to ventilate properly this will help reduce humidity musty smell and the accumulation of germs better

Principles of kitchen floor decoration design:

Principles of modern kitchen design floor decoration design should be designed to be lowered about 5-10 cm lower than other floors and must have a slightly sloping angle. This will help drain water more quickly. The design of the kitchen floor in this manner is for convenience when cleaning the floor or washing the floor to prevent the water used for cleaning from flowing into other rooms.

Principles of kitchen wall decoration design:

Kitchen wall decoration design should use oil paint. Or semi-gloss acrylic paint instead of plastic water-based paint for the general interior. Because it can clean soot stains, smoke stains caused by cooking are easier than general house paint.

Kitchen countertops design principles:

The design of kitchen countertops should be at least 60 cm deep and 90-105 cm from floor to top. The edges should be chamfered to prevent harm. The user at the time of the collision or accidental impact and most importantly, kitchen countertops should have a glossy surface for the convenience of removing stains from cooking.

Principles of kitchen ceiling design:

Kitchen ceiling design should have a height from floor to ceiling of not less than 2.5 meters for easy ventilation. And the materials used should be flat sheets that are easy to care for, such as gypsum board, fiber cement, etc.

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