How To Develop A Successful Mobile App With Pre-Launch Marketing

6 Tips to Improve Your App Development Process

Building a successful mobile app requires a lot of work before the release. You may have a fantastic idea and all the world’s resources, but that doesn’t guarantee you success and millions of installs. A poor implementation of the most ingenious idea will nullify your efforts. This article should be useful for you if you are looking for the proper way to develop a successful product using a comprehensive pre-launch marketing strategy.

  1. Start by getting to know your target audience. Find out everything about the situations of using the device: where and when users contact them, what exactly they do and how much time they spend on it. Try not to miss anything and definitely don’t rely on your own mobile habits. Such studies usually do not take much time. If you don’t have enough resources, interview people on the street.
  2. The results obtained will be useful for accurate debugging of both the architecture and the functionality of the application. Perhaps they will even encourage you to change the platform of the application, especially if you are targeting certain groups of people. For example, a smartphone owner in South Korea will likely prefer Android.
  3. A mobile application should be attractive, responsive, and enjoyable to use. Do not spare time for the smallest details, the screen of a mobile device is small, use all its space as efficiently as possible. Without a doubt, users will notice and appreciate your attention to detail, this is especially true for fans of new products – your target group if you are releasing an application for the first time. It is only a small part of the whole ASO process.
  4. Many startups and app developers prefer iOS for the release of the first version of the application. The main reason is the fragmentation of devices running under other operating systems and, as a result, the need to develop additional versions. When creating an iOS application, the developer knows exactly which engine the application will run on and what capabilities it supports. The designer will be pleased that the Retina display is twice the normal resolution, making it much easier to scale graphics. The Android platform is somewhat different: a large number of different devices differing in screen resolution and platform versions. Android app development usually takes longer. Much credit goes to Google for providing resources and actively fighting to reduce fragmentation.
  5. Always keep the main goal in mind and focus on the core functionality of the first version of the application. Do not be afraid to give up opportunities that you are not 100% sure about. This will allow not only to release the application earlier, but also to track metrics and user feedback. In addition, you will be able to frequently release relatively small updates. Thus, users will have a significant impact on your application. Following these design principles will ensure that problem areas are identified accurately and in a timely manner.
  6. If you want your application to become popular you need to work on social media profiles. For example, if you have an app related to language learning, it is important to create a buzz in relevant groups and tematic forums. Look for questions about how to learn new languages fast, give your advice, share insights, and even run contests to make the audience interested to try your It is also the best resource for the feedback from your users. This way you can inform your users about upcoming releases, news, updates, etc.

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