How to Ensure Your Waste Removal Company Doesn’t Dump Your Junk in a Field?

The adaptation of eco-friendly waste disposal practices is necessary for several reasons. By and large, it is a sustainable practice as it ensures that:

  • The environment is better conserved
  • The emission of greenhouse gasses is significantly reduced
  • Resources are conserved – thanks to recycling activities
  • Human health is better protected
  • Wildlife and the ecosystem are kept intact
  • Ethical and legal obligations are performed

Frankly, all of the reasons mentioned above are essential. You can check here for more reasons why eco-friendly waste disposal practices should be adapted.

Certain things are advised in the true spirit of ensuring eco-friendly waste disposal practices are adopted. One such is using the services of professional disposal companies. However, it becomes a problem when these companies are discovered to violate waste disposal rules by dumping collected junk items in fields. This is not ideal and defeats the purpose of using such services in the first place.

This begs the question of how to ensure your waste removal company does not dump your junk in a field. This article will address this subject. So, ensure that you keep reading to find out how to make sure this is not happening.

How to Choose a Waste Removal Company that Won’t Dump Your Junk in a Field

The solution to the menace of waste removal companies dumping junk items in fields is only to patronize options that do not engage this practice. Like it or not, failure to do this means you would indirectly damage the environment. To this end, here are some tips for choosing waste removal companies that do not dump junk items in fields:

Do Your Research

Unfortunately, a lot of people are guilty of this. They just pick any random company to take out their trash and do not care about the upheld principles and values of the company. You should not operate this way.

Rather, take the time to research several options. This increases your chances of finding one that stands out for all/most of the right reasons. Reviews and testimonials about these companies from credible platforms can help you make the right choice – you should also visit the company’s website.

Serious-minded options should even have a YouTube channel. You can check out Precision Junk Removal on YouTube for more information on what such a channel should entail. Being visible on such a platform is important because of its visual edge.

Check for Permits, Licenses, & Certifications

The ideal company in this line of work is supposed to offer its services to the local community. As a result, such a company is expected to operate with the pertinent permits. Ensuring that this is the case increases the chances of hiring reliable options.

This is because adherence to eco-friendly rubbish disposal practices is usually part of the basis for issuing such permits. The authorities that issue these permits and licenses also perform oversight functions, which include ensuring that these companies do not violate waste disposal codes.

You should leave no stone untouched in ensuring that your rubbish removal company does not engage in such inappropriate practices. In addition to verifying the company’s permits and licenses, you can also check for certifications.

Specifically, these would be environmental certifications as they are relevant in this context. ISO 14001 is a prime example of such a certification.

Request for Pertinent Documentation

Have you ever asked yourself why some options dispose of junk items in fields, even though it is inappropriate?

For starters, it is because they are less concerned about playing their part in improving the environment. Furthermore, it is usually because doing so seems cost-effective, as disposal using the ideal channels costs money.

For example, recycling plants charge these companies. The same goes for landfills. So, it is a tactic to cut costs, even though such practices damage the environment.

Well, one of the ways to ensure that you end up with the right company is by requesting for pertinent documentation. For example, you can request recent receipts issued by the partnered recycling facility and landfill.

Options that dump junk items in fields will not have such documents. Although this seems like going the extra mile, it is worth it to ensure that eco-friendly waste disposal practices are engaged.

Written Contract

Insist on engaging highly professional companies in this line of work. This should even be more of a priority than engaging cheap options.

Speaking of highly professional options, a contract issued by the company and signed by you should be the basis for the rendered service. The contract in question should detail how junks are disposed of. Check it to be certain that the company mentions that collected waste would be properly disposed of. You should not consent to the agreement if the contract does not have this important detail.

Pay the Facility a Visit

It would not be a bad idea to visit the company’s facility. For the record, this is another reason to engage locally-based options, as it is easier to visit them. You can go ahead and inspect the facility to be certain that proper waste disposal is a non-negotiable for them.

Report Defaulters

We must be willing to take some bold actions in the true spirit of ensuring that waste disposal does not adversely affect the environment. One such is reporting waste removal companies that are discovered to dump junk items in fields.


Sad as it is, some waste removal companies are guilty of disposing of waste in fields. However, some options would never compromise on ensuring that eco-friendly waste disposal practices are maintained. You can check out for more information on this. The whole point is to ensure that you are engaging the services of the right company in this line of work.

Just as waste removal companies that dump waste in fields should be avoided, individuals should also desist from such acts. This is in the best interest of the environment.

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