How To Find the Best Android App Development Services for Your New App Idea

Mobile Apps vs. Web App
Mobile Apps vs. Web App

Android development is one of the lucrative business ventures of this decade. With emerging technologies like NFTs, AR and VR integrations, IoT-enabled embedded systems and wearables, the market for new apps is getting more saturated and competitive each day. 

If you too are an aspiring appreneur or startup currently planning to invest in Android development, there is no better time than now. In 2020 and 2021, Android has been the leading mobile app market because 71% of smartphone users are using Android technology. More importantly, Android doesn’t only have smartphones but tablets, big screens and wearables too, which makes the market more expansive.  From economic standpoint, Android development is cheaper and it is way convenient to find android developers on affordable hourly and monthly subscriptions as compared to iOS app developers. 

  • Tine zone and location

When hiring an app developer, the first thing you need to check is their business hours – which usually depend on the time zone and location. Doing so serves many benefits. Your project management gets easier because you can quickly meet your developer at a coffee table. 

  • Create an app business plan

Before consulting to an app developer or finalizing the Android app development services, it is ideal you do your homework: the thorough industry research part. Find out if there is demand for the application you want to launch, and if there are existing apps that offer a similar solution. If yes, we recommend appreneurs to do a quick competitor analysis and study the features provided by the app against the monetization model, the download rates and reviews and ratings of the app. 

Allocate a budget for app development, marketing and support and maintenance and then find a developer who is ready to work under that bracket. 

  • List down the services you need 

Android app development services usually cover the design, testing and deployment phases too. But you’ll have to figure this out with your developer. If you want to hire these services separately and do not want a single team to perform all of these functions, you can attempt to bargain for the app development prices. 

  • Assess social proof of shortlisted Android developers

Once you have all the requirements sorted out in form of a document, it’s now time to shortlist app developers. The best platforms to find developers include Clutch, GoodFirms, and LinkedIn. But that’s for initial screening. When moving ahead, check LinkedIn endorsements, see how these developers interact with audience on community platforms like Reddit and Quora and check their reviews and ratings on social media handles. Most importantly, check the testimonials section on their website and Google Business listings.  

  • Choose an agency over a freelancer 

While hiring a freelancer is seemingly convenient because of the price and time they are ready to put, it may end up hurting your budget in the long run. You’ll have to hire separate personnel for other phases of development and your milestones may not get completed in stipulated time. 

It is therefore ideal to choose a reputable agency, or at least a team for development and testing, rather than an individual who might come with limited creativity and specific skillset. 

  • Study the portfolio 

Checking a developer’s portfolio is one of the best things you would do for your application. Go to the portfolio section of the website where companies have a dedicated space for their previous projects. Then check it in terms of magnitude, user experience, user interfaces, diversity of clientele and industries they have created apps for. 

  • Discuss innovation strategies. 

As mentioned earlier, Android market is as competitive as it is expansive. To set your app apart and beat your competitors, you need emerging tech integrations like NFTs, Augmented and Virtual Reality integrations, IoT embedded systems for smart homes or AI and Machine Learning architectures. 

While these seemingly make an app look appealing and create the hype, integrating these features is highly profitable. That’s because research suggests that global spending on these technologies will improve dramatically. So, if there is a market, there is no better time than now to leverage it for your app’s success.  

  • Decide on a monetization strategy. 

 You can create a high-end application that gives robust user experience – but what if at the end of the day, it does not make as much money as you had expected? To ensure this, discuss a revenue model with your prospective developer or their business analyst before getting into a contract. 

For reference, there are free and paid apps. Free apps can earn through marketplace integrations, in-app purchases, sponsored advertisements and app affiliate programs. 

For premium apps, you can choose to charge a one-time fee for buying an app, or charge on monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions for advanced features. 

  • Talk about the source code of application 

While the industry norm is that the source code, design assets, branding and the overall core app idea belongs to the client or the appreneur investing in the development process, it is ideal to discuss the situation beforehand. Great if your app development company is willing to sign a two-way agreement, but if not, you’ll have to talk about patenting your app to avoid imitation of business idea. 

  • Discuss payment structures and development milestones 

Modern app development agencies are flexible when it comes to payment structures. They usually give two options. Appreneurs can either pay a one-time upfront cost that covers even the maintenance and support or submit a down payment and remainder in installments. Latter option, I suggest, is ideal for newbie appreneurs and startups with limited budget. 

With payment structures, you’ll also have to decide on specific app completion milestones and that should likely be covered in the initial proposal. 

Wrapping Up…

While hiring a developer, an appreneur should strike the right balance between budget, development timelines, technical expertise and work quality. Monitor your app development milestones closely and test as new features are added to save your time, effort and money in the long run.  

Written by Frederick Jace

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