How to Fix ATA/SATA hard drives not detected in BIOS?

How to Fix ATA/SATA hard drives not detected in BIOS

Hard drives are fragile storage media that is supposed to be handled with utmost care. Upon failing to do so, the user will face the consequences which would include the data loss. In case your ata/sata hard drive is not detecting in BIOS and you want to recover your data then this article can come in handy. Keep reading to understand how you can recover data from hard drive.

How to Fix ATA/SATA hard drives not detected in BIOS?

To begin with, we shall discuss the cause of the problem before going on with the solution to the issue. Although there can be an endless number of ways that can damage the hard drive physically, we shall focus on the most common ones here. Along with the particular issue, we shall look into the method that can help fix the issue in the hard drive. You can use new devices such as these external hdds.

PROBLEM 1: Fault in the USB Data Cable

A USB data cable is completely responsible for making a physical connection between the operating system and the hard drive. In case of any fault, the hard drive would go undetected in BIOS. The first step should be check this connection and here are the ways that will help you to do it:

  • Disconnect and then reconnect the hard drive using the data cable.
  • Use a different USB port and see if the operating system picks up the drive.
  • Try replacing the USB Data Cable with a fresh one in case the old one is damaged.

PROBLEM 2: Hard drive is disabled in the BIOS

In case the hard drive is disabled in the BIOS, the computer system will fail to detect it and show it to the user. To check and fix if this is the issue, you must follow these steps that will get you through the process:

  • Restart your computer system.
  • Enter system setup by pressing F2.
  • Check and switch on hard drive detection in system configuration in case it is off.
  • For future purposes, enable the auto-detection and this problem will not occur again.
  • Reboot the computer system and hopefully your hard drive should be detectable this time.

PROBLEM 3: Improper installation of Serial ATA/SATA drivers

Sometimes Drivers are responsible for the communication between the operating system and the hard drive. In case the drivers fail, your operating system would also fail to detect the hard drive. In such a case, the following methods can be helpful:

  • You can contact the manufacturer for updating the drivers.
  • The drivers could be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and updated.
  • Follow the steps that are laid down in order to update the drivers manually:
    • For Windows:
      • Open Control Panel in the computer system.
      • Select Device Manager from the options on the screen.
      • Select Disk Drives from the list that appears to expand the options.
      • Right click on the hard drive and choose to Update Driver.

In case this method fails to help you out, you must re-install the driver by following these steps:

  • Open Device Manager
  • Go to the Disk Drives and right click to select
  • Restart your computer system and the disk driver will automatically get installed.
  • For Mac:
    • See in the upper left corner of the screen and click on Apple.
    • Click on the Software Update.
    • Let it update and then reboot.

PROBLEM 4: Physically damaged hard drive

In case none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, and it is clear that the hard drive has been damaged physically, then this upcoming method is sure to get you through the problem.

In such a case, you must contact professional Data Recovery Service Providers like Stellar. Stellar is one of the best leading data recovery service provider in India. They have 25 years of specialization in recovering data from hard drive, ssd, raid servers, etc. They provide Class 100 Clean Room lab facility for complex cases such as hdd crashed, hdd physical damage, hdd dead etc. Stellar data recovery India offers the best data recovery solutions that take utmost care of every aspect of the data recovery process.


The entire article can be summarized in just one sentence – your hard drive data is as important to Stellar as it is to you. They will walk every possible aspect to get your data recovered in the most efficient way. So, do not worry and reach out to Stellar Data Recovery India to recover your data.

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