How To Fix Scratches On Elevator Doors

How To Fix Scratches On Elevator Doors

The majority of elevator doors you see in just about any building are finished in glistening stainless steel. When they’re brand new, they look fantastic. Still, as you can imagine, in a building that’s busy with people constantly coming and going, it won’t be too long before they start getting scratched and marked up. 

While regular cleaning and buffing of the elevator doors keep them looking good, this won’t remove unsightly scratches. So this article is going to take a look at some handy tips on stainless steel scratch removal for elevator doors, so you know what can be done to get them looking like new again. After all, building owners and managers will want those doors looking their very best at all times.

Tips To Remove Fine Scratches On Stainless Steel

For light and fine scratches on stainless steel, you shouldn’t have too much trouble removing them. Be sure to always follow the stainless steel grain when working on removing fine scratches.

Using a cleanser or even a little baking soda dampened with water to form a paste, apply with a soft, clean cloth and firmly rub the solution back and forth over the scratched area. After this, use another cloth dampened with water and rinse the cleanser away to see if the scratches have successfully been removed. If not, repeat the process until they are gone.

You can then buff the stainless steel with a bit of olive oil or stainless steel polish to bring back the sheen.

How To Remove Deep Scratches On Stainless Steel

Getting rid of deep scratches in stainless steel can be a little more challenging. Deep scratches and gouges will often need sanding down to remove them or at least make them far less noticeable. But, again, you will need wet and dry sandpaper for this.

First, dampen the area on the elevator doors that are affected and keep them damp throughout the sanding process. Then, once again, following the grain, sand back and forth over the scratch, periodically cleaning the area to check your progress. Adjust the coarseness of your sandpaper as necessary for the best results. Once the scratch has been taken out, please switch to a fine grade of sandpaper to smooth out the area and blend it in with the rest of the elevator door.

Now it’s time to wipe the area dry with a clean, dry towel to remove water and debris. Finish off with a good polish, and those elevator doors will look great again.

Call In the Help of a Professional Service

Suppose your elevator doors need stainless steel repair, scratch removal or even just a professional polish to bring them back to a glistening shine. In that case, it’s a good idea to call in the help of a professional stainless steel restoration service. Industry experts will have all the tools, equipment and know-how to make light work of scratches in stainless steel elevator doors. If you’re not confident in removing marks, stains and scratches yourself, or you don’t have the time to spend on the task, call in a team of experts.

Another thing you might want to consider seriously is adding an extra layer of protection to your elevator doors. You can accomplish this task with the application of Enduroshield Stainless. This product is designed to chemically bond with the stainless steel surface, providing a layer of protection and less likely to show up things like fingerprints and so on. An important thing to note about Enduroshield is that it doesn’t affect the original appearance. Your stainless steel elevator doors will still look like glistening stainless steel even after they’ve been coated. Enduroshield is entirely transparent and designed to protect without any alterations to appearances.

The Wrap

Stainless steel elevator doors are robust, resilient and look fantastic when they are in great shape. You now know how to remove scratches from the doors, so there’s no reason they can’t always be looking as good as new.

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