How to Improve Peripheral Vision: The Basics Explained

Do you want to sharpen your senses? Working on your peripheral vision can be a great start to improving your overall perception. Peripheral vision allows you to better navigate your environment and assess the actions of those around you.

It’s the skill that allows you to pick out the face of someone you know way in the back of a room. It allows you to scan your surroundings for traffic before you cross the street. But peripheral vision also deteriorates as we age.

How can you increase your peripheral vision as a mature adult? Keep reading to learn how to improve peripheral vision.

Stretch Your Muscles and Slowly Relax Your Neck

Improving your peripheral vision begins with physical exercise. Start by stretching your neck and shoulder muscles to loosen up any areas that may be stiff or sore.

To stretch your muscles, lift your shoulders toward your ears, hold them there for at least 10 seconds, then slowly release. Once your muscles are relaxed, gently roll your head from side to side, keeping your chin level with the ground.

This will help increase circulation in the neck area and improve blood flow. As you move your head, pay close attention to how your peripheral vision widens. If you feel tension setting in, stop and slowly massage the areas where it’s occurring. 

Pick a Point of Focus in Your Field of Vision and Focus on That Point

To do this, you will need to practice focusing on one point in your field of vision. You can start by selecting an object, such as a tree or a lamp post, in the distance and focusing on it while slowly turning your head. As you turn your head, keep your focus on the object, allowing your peripheral vision to take in the rest of the environment around it rather than the object itself.

By forcing yourself to pay attention to what’s around the object, you can train your peripheral vision to pick up more of your surroundings. With consistent practice, you can improve your peripheral vision.

Move the Focus Point Around All Areas

This can be done by focusing your gaze on different points in the room. Slowly move your focus to one side of the room and then to the other side. Keeping your head steady, rotate your eyes and focus on the far edges of the room, then bring your focus in closer to the center. Continue this exercise by repeating it at different depths.

Start in the far distance and move your focus closer. This exercise is meant to help strengthen your peripheral vision and ultimately allow you to spot objects in the corner of your eye quicker.

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Learning More on How to Improve Peripheral Vision

In conclusion, having knowledge of how to improve peripheral vision can improve your responsiveness in many activities. To take advantage of these benefits, practice the steps of increasing light levels, exercising your eyes, training your mind, and visualizing the space around you.

Start today and experience dramatic changes in your peripheral vision!

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