How to Join Bitcoin Revolution

How to Join Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin revolution is a platform that allows you to trade using a special algorithm. This algorithm promises to deliver a high return at the end. Note that the group of algorithms scour through a series of cryptocurrency exchanges together with trading platforms to make the perfect deals for the user. Based on the own website of the app, no software is installed on your PC. Additionally, it does not matter if you have ever traded in the past or not. Nevertheless, whether this is a responsible and reliable statement to be made is debatable.

User Registration

For the sake of accessing this trading platform, the number one critical thing you require to do is registering. Since the signup process is normally fast, you can finish the trading process within seconds. Professionals highly advise possible users to trade with caution and consider doing the necessary research.

The first thing you will do when registering is to enter your email address at the given space. Once you are done, consider selecting a password and finally enter your mobile number. After you have entered this information in a perfect manner, you will be shown the major trading interface of the bitcoin revolution.

Demo Account for Trading

If you want to have a trading experience first, the number one critical thing you need to consider is setting up a demo account on The significance of this feature is allowing you to try the trading robot and determine if it is an excellent match for your trading activities. As a user, you can now begin the auto trade system once you have practiced with the demo account and you have an assurance that you are good to proceed with the real one.

Live Account

When you fund your account, you will be given access to the trading room. Here they are likely to determine the parameters to guide their trading activities. There are four main tagged features on the user interface. These features include a control panel, trading history, open transactions, and go live demo account. On the control panel, you can monitor your trading activities and make adjustments to the settings. This is mainly in accordance with how you wish the software to manage your trading activities.

On the trading history, you will see a comprehensive history of all your transactions. This mainly includes your losses and gains. On the open transaction tab, you can manage all your live transactions in real-time. Typically, traders use this feature to monitor the trading activities of the bitcoin revolution always.  On the other hand, it is the role of the go-live account or demo to permit you to activate the demo trading or live trading function.

While the bitcoin revolution is designed primarily for trading bitcoins, you can trade other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

Verification System

Note that a verification system normally protects the bitcoin revolution app. Its main work is to confirm that the information provided by the user when creating a new account. Fortunately, the process is fast. Hence, you will receive a notification that your application to create a bitcoin revolution account has been approved.

Making a Deposit

To make it easy for the users to make a deposit, you realize that developers have added various online payment platforms. There are popular payment brands like MasterCard, NE teller, PayPal, Visa, and many more brands that you can afford. In this case, you ought to choose your suitable method of payment and make deposits. For example, if your best payment method is Visa, you should use it to deposit the minimum deposit of two hundred and fifty dollars. You will have the deposit confirmed in a matter of seconds.

Have in mind that the minimum deposit is not refundable. But the profit you make from this can be withdrawn completely. Make sure you add funds to your bitcoin revolution account dependent on your trading preferences.

It is common to find numerous traders who have just created accounts trying out the demo trading feature. This is to help them know more concerning the working of the system. Before the financial commitment, traders are requested to take their time to know their goals. Note that trading goals can differ from one person to another. Make sure the trading system is a good match.

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