How to make good money as a virtual assistant?


Experience plays a critical role in any profession. If you dream of becoming a virtual assistant, the highly flexible career opportunity demands a proper skill set and expertise. It will give you flexibility, work-life balance, and variety. First and foremost, you must understand what a virtual assistant is and the best way of becoming one.

Virtual assistance furnishes vital remote administration along with technical services to entrepreneurs. The career option is rapidly expanding because of the multiple benefits associated with it. It will not only add to the prosperity of the firm but also the employees. Employers may find economies on their money and time by way of outsourcing tasks to the virtual assistant. Hence, they don’t have to hire full-time employees to perform specified works. The independence and flexibility coming with virtual assistant jobs provide various opportunities at different entry levels.

The job of a virtual assistant

There are multiple tasks that a virtual assistant has to perform depending on the requirement of the client. Along with this, the skillset plays a significant role in accomplishing the tasks. You will have to monitor, answer and manage emails, answer phone calls, transcribe documents, and prepare letters, posts, and statements.

Apart from this, you will have to furnish customer support like processing orders and answering their questions. Along with this, managing documents and files and making appointments is an integral part of a virtual assistant job profile. You will have to work on spreadsheets, research keywords and content, proofread and edit documents, and order supplies. Hence, it is a plethora of activities that you will have to perform.

Practical steps that will help you earn as a virtual assistant

If you have developed an interest in becoming a virtual assistant, you will have to try a few steps; you will have to identify your skill set and develop them. The first step you will have to take for becoming a virtual assistant is the identification of your strengths and weaknesses. It would benefit if you had a resume at hand that would highlight your abilities and qualifications. Even if you have less experience, you don’t have to worry about it. You must have proficiency in basic computer skills, communication skills, editorial skills, and a sense of time management and organization. These are significant for performing the varied tasks expected from a virtual assistant. The professionals use different computer programs for performing several tasks. Hence, you must be familiar with using the Internet, cloud-based communications, managing email inbox, etc. You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to contact your clients, convince your clients, perform multiple duties, and receive assignments.

Decide on your service

Along with the pricing structure, you will have to decide on the services. You must be clear about your target clients and make plans for executing your task. It would assist if you had a comprehensive picture of the pricing structure along with identifying your services. You can do it hourly, weekly or daily, or even monthly. It depends on your preferences.

The role of other earning opportunities

When you are clear about the services you would want to offer, you will have to determine the equipment you will require for performing that task. Some individuals only use a cell phone and laptop. But if your job is assorted, you might require some other alternative to make an extra 1000 a month. You may need additional computers, phones, or monitors. The kit that a virtual assistant uses includes dedicated landlines, headsets, printing machines, scanning and copying machine, etc.

Search for a job

When you are beginning your career, your main goal is to get clients. Start with small and lower-paying jobs for building your experience. When you have positive reviews and feedback, you can use the same for widening your professional network. Look for different job openings and try to access them depending on your skill and expertise.

Try building a profile and market yourself

As you build on your experience, you may ask your customers for feedback that will help you establish your profile. With the help of reviews and feedback, you can create a profile that assists you in gaining more clients. It will assist you in marketing yourself in this wide competition. You can also use professional profiles and social media to make yourself visible on the digital platform.

Lastly, you will have to consider specializing in helping you make a good amount of money every month. If you take world average virtual assistance, make a good amount of money per hour. Your salary will also depend on your ability which would help to specialize in these services. Yes, if you have decided to make a new start, you can consider virtual assistant jobs. They are readily available online, and all you require is an Internet connection and some skills.

Written by Enaa Mari

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