How to make money from your social media accounts

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A very hot topic nowadays and everybody seems to be very professional about it. Being professional won’t earn you a single penny. You need to understand how to make money from your social media accounts on a far deeper level. From SEO to indexing, keyword research to maintaining high content delivery. And a bit of luck is most necessary.

Well, let us have a look at how to monetize your social media accounts.

Let us first make one thing super clear. The idea of income from social media accounts lies in the ads. Yes, there are no job offers, no sort of interviews, and nothing like going for the qualification.

If you are hiring a person to handle your ads, that’s a different thing. If you are being hired as a content marketer, you are just doing a tiny job whose time slot isn’t available with your boss.


With all of these, a clear and concise point, you can earn well. Social media marketing has various benefits. If you are completely focusing on organic marketing, then it’s a better choice than inorganic marketing. The page ratings that your account gains, are of high importance for different brands.

How can you effectively use social media for monetization 

The simple theory is to increase page ratings and likes. This is literal proof that your page or your Social media account is popular. Pages with over 1M likes are approached by a lot of smaller brands for product marketing.

This is one way to use monetize your social accounts for others products. You can do the same using third-party pages. In turn, your page will get popular in time and then you can follow the same procedure.

You have to be very precise on your targets. Keep in mind that you will need a standpoint on when to induce monetization via contracts.

Enough of theory talk, let us get to understand how to make money from your social media accounts.

There are different kinds of social media accounts that you can monetize. Out of those, only Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube make it to the real deal of monetization.

Know this before you go monetizing your social accounts

Monetizing will not work if your page/account isn’t impressive at all. For example, brands will approach you if your page is attractive, appealing, and has its work done nicely.

You cannot expect your page to be average for this. From link to tags, optimization and per day view count might keep a viable point.

On the top, your page/account at most is required to be used for marketing.

The second thing is interaction and engagement. An ad campaign goes better, suited to the community, and right on the target when there is an engagement about it.

Such stats will be highly monitored by the ad provider. If it is not what they want or what they are looking for, your page has lost its importance.

Else, you are just wasting your time.

So, let us take each of them separately and explore how to monetize your accounts on these platforms.

  1. Facebook account monetization

The only way you can monetize your Facebook account if your account has enough followers. The number of followers is to be above 10,000 which is the bare minimum required.

Opportunities arrive when your page has over 20,000 followers. then only, your page might just go to the right path. That’s when you will realize how it is important.

This is just only one side of the view. The other solution is Facebook’s ads. The platform will place ads of different brands for your engaging fans to check out and real-time clicks to the ad will earn you a commission.

Don’t expect bots to accomplish this task too, or else you might get banned.

Other forms of monetization strategies involve promotions, contracts. Sometimes your page might even get extra payments if the engagement reaches a certain traffic point.

  1. Instagram account Monetization 

Same as Facebook, but the story here is a little different.

The opportunities in Instagram are a better way to promote your business and get your account monetized. But engagement on Instagram is way more than on Facebook and then on TikTok. So, the benefits might not be different. But there is a way earlier chance to reach your follower’s goal.

Instagram mostly works by hashtags. If you have used the right ones, there is a lot of chance for you to gain great followers in time. Once it is over 1000 or 2000, you can have your account monetized.

While this is a piece of good news, Instagram isn’t going to pay you at all. It is the business brands that you will give you contract money for promoting a product on your account/page.

This works for the brand, since spending a couple of dollars for 1000 follower reach is easy. It’s maintainable as well as cost-effective.

You might also be prompted to increase your follower count, which is a piece of cake for you if you are know-how.

You can also use link in bio tool like TapBioLink. By using a link in bio tool, you have the opportunity to link to more than one destination. For example, by using the link in bio app, you can link your ecommerce store, website landing page, other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

  1. YouTube account monetization

If you don’t know, YouTube does fall into the category of Social media accounts provided you don’t have messengers. But among Facebook and Instagram, over 60% of traffic joins on YouTube first.

YouTube also serves as a better platform for advertisement, promotion, brand recognition. And all of that can be done using a single video of the required quality. Facebook and Instagram are pretty weak in this point.

For your account to be monetized, you need to go over 1000 subscribers and a 4000 hour watch time of all of your videos. If you have a 70% engaging community and over 40% physical activity, you can easily achieve this feat in a single month. And that’s just all.

Thus, finally, you know How to make money from your social media accounts.





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