How to Shake Pandemic Weight Gain and Get Your Health Back on Track

Cut back on junk food snacks

One of the worst side-effects of the pandemic, not including the health issues that the virus itself causes, is having to stay quarantined at home without being able to engage in your daily routines. That is especially true for people who’re accustomed to regular workouts and spending time outdoors to take care of their fitness. Not being able to go to the gym to break a sweat, made many of us gain some weight. A sedentary lifestyle, followed by usual snacking on junk food quickly led to unwanted weight gain that you’re probably wondering how to get rid of now. We have a few suggestions that will help you shake off pandemic weight.

Adopt a regular eating schedule

Staying at home all the time can easily come between you and your usual eating pattern. Getting up later than usual, eating whenever you feel like it instead of on your lunch break, will lead to you having lunch at 1 pm today and at 5 pm the next day. Your eating habits will be thrown off balance which is why you’ll be more likely to gain weight. If that’s the scenario that you’ve been through during Covid-19 quarantine, try to adopt a regular eating schedule.

Just because you’re home, it doesn’t mean that you can become negligent of your eating habits. Set specific times for every meal during the day and stick to it day in day out. That way, your metabolism will speed up, and you’ll prevent unwanted weight gain in the future.

Enrich your diet with fibers

When you choose your foods, go for those rich in fiber. Those foods will make you feel full quicker without offering empty calories. On top of that, fiber-rich foods support good digestive health and feed beneficial gut bacteria. Your immune function will instantly get boosted, and you’ll reap an array of anti-inflammatory benefits. According to a study, dietary fibre intake promotes weight loss in overweight or obese adults. Therefore, enrich your diet with veggies, fruits, beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Workouts at home

With the necessity to stay home all the time came the need to start exercising at home too. However, some people don’t have enough space in their homes for proper workouts, so they had to give up on pumping iron completely. Now that you can leave your home, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and start running. Riding a bicycle, taking long quick walks, and runs will help you shed those pounds quickly.

On top of that, consider taking women pre workout supplements to improve energy, focus and performance all at once. If you have a backyard, consider doing lungers, squats, push-ups and all the exercises that don’t require the use of gym equipment.

Hydrate more often

Sufficient intake of water is essential for weight loss and many best pre-workout supplements. If you’ve been indulging in sugary sodas and alcohol during quarantine, now it’s time you say goodbye to all the highly caloric beverages. Swap them for a much healthier and calorie-free water that will replenish your body and offer enough energy for all the workouts.

On top of that, water will help the digestive process and improve healthy circulation too. If you start drinking water before meals, you’ll naturally reduce meal portions. Avoid having drinks with your meals because beverages such as sodas and juices will only make you feel like there’s more room for food. Instead, have a glass of water before a meal and prevent overeating.

Incorporate activity into everything

Another way to become active at home is to make every chore a workout. Do you need to vacuum today? Make the entire process more of a workout by putting more effort into it and engage your body more vigorously.

Bend, stretch, and vacuum more swiftly to allow your body to feel every move you make. Instead of using the elevator in your building, climb up and down the stairs. Take your pet out for a walk more often and ride a bicycle or walk to and from the grocery store.

Cut back on junk food snacks

When you’re not sure if you’re genuinely hungry or just bored, you’ll reach out for a bag of chips or some other empty calorie food. They’ll keep you satiated for a while but won’t offer any nutritional value. Instead, they’ll only promote weight gain. That’s why you should immediately get rid of all the junk food stocks and swap them for healthy snacks.

Berries, carrots, nuts and granola bars are a much better choice, for when you feel the need to have a quick bite. Aside from making you feel full, they’ll also offer enough vitamins, minerals and fibres to keep you going without making you gain weight.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been having trouble shedding pounds you’ve gained during quarantine, we’ve got you covered. With the aforementioned tips, you’ll easily go back to your pre-Covid weight. On top of that, you’ll feel good about yourself and prevent future weight gain, as long as you turn those habits into your lifestyle.


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