How to Start Running After Long Break

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There’s nothing more depressing than returning to running. The first weeks seem absolutely impossible. You might start wondering, Is this worth it? Am I still made for it? Theanswer is, yes you are, but your body must get reused to it. Instead of pushing too much from the very first start and breaking something, take it slow and celebrate every single step forward. Here’s a guide on how to start running again – and succeed.

Start over & leave your ego at the door

Your first step is accepting that you are starting over again and leaving your expectations at the door. As I mentioned above, your progress will be tracked across months, if not years. That being said, you’ve got to be patient.

  • Build a habit. Run every other day, 3 days a week, or design another schedule that suits your schedule. However, don’t miss any day of practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll feel about yourself.
  • Follow a progressive training plan. Take time to find your strength again. If you don’t think you can do it by yourself, find an online trainer or pay for a personal one. Whatever you do, just make sure that your effort is constant.
  • Set personal goals. You could try to reach a specific time or finish a specific race that you find fit. Make sure your goals are realistic and time-bound. You don’t want to burnout. Also, talk to a time-management specialist at if you want to learn more about how to divide your time properly and set goals for yourself.

Focus on effort over pace

You must maintain a slower pace to avoid any stress to your out-of-shape body. Focus on that for a while and don’t try to go any faster than that. You may not be able to do what you used to do, so focus on your breathing instead of your pace. This is a good way to distract yourself. If you can’t speak in complete sentences while you run, you’re going too fast, so try to slow down. When you’ve reached the perfect running pace, keep it going for a while. Do the same for one or two weeks until you get back in shape.

Limit mileage

Stop thinking about how long you’ll run and start thinking about how well you’ll run. Here’s some advice that might help.

  • Build running confidencein consistencyand not mileage. The more consistent you are, the better your future results.
  • Cross-train to get the benefits of cardio without having to run.
  • Strength train to reinforce running muscles, recommends essay help coordinator, Jamie Boswell.
  • Increase mileage over time – and only when you feel ready.

Join a Running Club

Joining a running club could come in handy, especially if you haven’t run for a long time. Not only will it keep you accountable, but it will also provide you with a positive experience. The better you’ll feel when running, the more reasons to continue running, right? You could join any Meetup group pages or Facebook running groups. Search for people living in your area and set up a meeting. Let’s go! If you cannot do that, ask your buddies to run with you after school. What better way to spend an afternoon? My friend working for the best paper writing services loved when I took her on a run. She runs daily now! Maybe you could do the same.

Get Enough Rest

I know that getting back into running might get you pumped, but don’t forget that you also have to rest. Make sure that you sleep at least eight hours per night and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Eat well enough and make sure that your diet aligns with your goals. Running for a very long time without burning the right calories might get you in trouble. Don’t start out running every day and incorporate walking into your run. Stretch until you feel good enough to run again.

Stay Positive

Last but not least, stay positive! Returning to running after such a long time can be difficult but it’s definitely worth it. You will feel absolutely fantastic after your first months. So, forget about how fast you used to run and focus on the present moment. Take it as it is. Focusing on where you are now can take the pressure off, admits runner and assignment help online specialist, Mira Goodwood. Don’t forget to celebrate progress and enjoy every single step forward. Good luck!

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