How to take care of bald hair – why you should not ignore it

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Some people believe that having less hair implies having to do less upkeep. This is one of the more positive things about being bald. This is mostly correct – being bald results in less money and effort spent on haircutting and styling.

However, unless you are willing to live with a head covered in random hairs and skin flakes, you will have to put out some effort to maintain your appearance. The shiny, picture-perfect bald head doesn’t come naturally.

How to maintain a bald hair?

You’re here, which implies you’re already aware of the fact that even the most bald of individuals must cope with patches of follicles – and that’s not desirable. Follow these steps consistently is your best bet.

  • Use warm water and soap to clean your head thoroughly.
  • Apply shave lather or shave butter.
  • Use a sharp, preferably new razor.
  • Shave in lengthy, smooth strokes.
  • Wash thoroughly to get rid of stray follicles or leftover shaving products.
  • Use your hand to check for missed spots.
  • Wrap your face in a hot, moist towel for a few minutes to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Use a soothing aftershave to finish it off.

Note: Shave in the direction in which your hair grows. This won’t leave a remnant of stubble on the skin’s surface, which can dull the shine.

That’s essentially the process of how to keep your bald head smooth!

Should you use shampoo and conditioner even when you’re bald?

You should continue to use shampoos and conditioners since these products are beneficial to the scalp just as much as they are to the hair—shampooing and conditioning aid in the removal of crud from the scalp and the promotion of a healthy scalp.

Rubbing shampoo and conditioner into your scalp skin increases circulation and blood flow, which can improve how it looks and how it feels.

The use of these items might help reduce the prickliness of your hair when you have stubble in between shaves. You may use a scalp scrub to remove any muck that has accumulated on your head.

But, as with anything, shampoos and conditioners aren’t perfect. Cheap, low-quality ones might do more harm than good. You’ll want to avoid these 20 ingredients in shampoo.

Should you moisturize your scalp?

Normally, your hair traps the moisturize within your scalp, allowing it to have a healthy level of moisturize.

Bald people do not have this.

Therefore, bald people should moisturize their head with a high-quality moisturizing lotion once a day to avoid dryness and flakines.

This action will enhance the appearance of your scalp as well as alleviate any irritation. Skin oils are also essential since they hydrate the skin and they impart a healthy sheen.

How often should you use lotion?

You don’t want your hoist to be an absolute lighthouse, don’t put too much shine on it. You should only moisturize in moderation. The balance between moisturized and over-moisturized is delicate and challenging to achieve.

It’s because your scalp also generates natural oils. While shampoo might help you remove those oils, there are times where you can’t shower. Therefore, keep a hankerchief or a handy wipe on you, so you can wipe away any excess shine covertly.

Additionally, you might want to avoid using products that cause dryness since they encourage the secretion of natural oils.

Maintaining your moisture levels should be accomplished by using a non-greasy moisturizer.

Why should you get a scalp massage?

  • Promote blood flow
  • Get rid of dead skin cells
  • Alleviate razor burn itchiness
  • Reduce UV-B rays damaging effects

A scalp massage is crucial for promoting blood flow in the scalp. Every time you shave your head, treat yourself to a relaxing scalp massage.

When it comes to shaving your head, scalp massage is designed to assist you in getting rid of dead skin cells.

A scalp massage also helps in alleviating razor burn itchiness that usually happens when you shave.

It can also reduce the damaging effects of UV-B rays. This is an essential component of bald hair care. Direct, plentiful exposure can lead to skin cancer and other dermatological problems. You can ask the best barber shop in San Diego for suggestions on how to take care of your balding hair.


It’s not difficult to maintain a balding head, but it takes consistency.

As with many incredible things, a small amount of work may make a huge difference.

Taking good care of your head is quite important, and this includes not just shaving your head but also aftershave care. It is important to remember that baldness, too, is a way of life.

Lastly, if you think you are getting bald, look at these symptoms of early balding.

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