How to Throw a Zodiac Themed Party

How to Throw a Zodiac Themed Party

Before summer wraps up, there’s still enough time to throw one last party! This shouldn’t just be a regular party. Instead, to make it special and personalized, you can add a Zodiac theme to the mix. Astrology plays a huge role in pop culture these days, in addition to having a big impact on wellness and lifestyle choices. This is definitely a themed party your guests will be excited to take part in. Here are a few tips for throwing a Zodiac-themed party.

Discover your sign.

Many of your guests will be well-acquainted with what their respective sign is. If they’re not, the perfect solution is to look them up on the Ask Astrology official site. Ask Astrology is a platform that provides insightful and essential information on numerology (life path numbers, master numbers, lucky numbers, etc.), horoscopes, astrology, Tarot, and related material.

When you send out your invites, you can include this website on the invitation so each guest can know what their sign is ahead of time. Another good alternative is to simply set up a station (complete with a laptop or tablet) at the party where guests can visit the website on their own to find their signs.

Color-code the Zodiac signs.

We all love a good themed-party, and this is especially even more fun when there’s a particular dress attire as well. For your party, you can assign this simple dress attire for the signs and their respective elements:

  • Fire Signs: These signs are the life of the party! Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the signs that embody this element, and it would be fitting for them to dress in warm colors (particularly red or orange).
  • Water Signs: The signs with this element are especially in tune with their emotions, and they often embrace their surroundings the best. Cool colors (particularly blue) should be the designated look for any Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
  • Earth Signs: These signs are connected to the craft of creating, but they also enjoy coming down to Earth for a good time. Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are the signs that will rock grounding colors (particularly green or brown).
  • Air Signs: When you’re waiting for a breath of fresh air, these signs will show up to bring in a new perspective. Light colors (particularly white or grey) will be worn by the Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini signs.

A fun icebreaker for your party guests to engage in would be to correctly guess each other’s respective Zodiac sign, based off of their color-coding and individual personality traits and characteristics. A bonus part of this exercise would be to even try to guess someone’s correct birth date!

CBD Products

What’s a party without party favors? To end this night on a chill note, send your guests home with CBD goodies. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. This natural remedy has skyrocketed into forming its own industry, the CBD industry, in addition to being including in beauty, health, and wellness brands.

One of the most effective reasons to use CBD is to help with overall relaxation. CBD is a soothing component that can help promote better sleep and help release tension. This is why it makes a great party favor for the end of the night! Your guests will definitely appreciate a few CBD products to help ease them to sleep after an eventful night. Of course, no one should take CBD for the first time without checking bout dosage and side effects with a doctor.

A great CBD brand to purchase products from is CBDistillery. Their oil, gummies and tinctures are some of the best products available on the CBD market. Once you’re ready to checkout, use this CBDistillery coupon code to receive a special discount. This is one of the best deals available, and your guests (and your wallet) are sure to enjoy it.

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