How to Track a Cell Phone For Free With Just the Number

The thought of losing your mobile phone can send you into a fit. That is how important phones have become in our everyday lives. Although losing a phone can be a frustrating experience, it still happens all the same. 

However, you do not have to fret too much when you misplace your phone because you can track and find it. Of course, the reason you want to track a cell phone may not be because the phone is lost. It may be that you want to keep a tab on the phone owner.  

A spy app tracks the exact location of a phone device using the built-in GPS. In this post, we will look at how you can track a cell phone for free with a spy app using just the number. Meanwhile, if you want to access the most effective spy app right away, click here.

What is the Best Tool to Track a Cell Phone with Just the Number?

The most recommended tool, and by extension, the best spy app to track a cell phone with the phone number is Spylix. Spylix is a reputable tracking solution with the capability to locate the precise location of a phone device. It is a great tool used by parents to monitor the phone activities of their children. 

With the app, you can monitor their location and see different activities they perform on their mobile devices. These include tracking their call history, social media messages, browser history, and more. Spylix is compatible with iOS and Android phones, and it offers numerous features that make it highly effective.

Spylix: Exceptional Spy App to Track a Phone for Free

You can use Spylix to track any phone device for free. It works on Android and iOS, and it has many tracking features that let you see the activities on a device in real-time. Here are some important features that make it possible to track a device with its phone number.

  • Uses Google Maps: Spylix integrates with Google Maps, making it possible to see the precise location of a device in real-time. You can see the 3D view and close-up image of the exact location of the target device.
  • Tracks Locations in Real-time: With this app, you can view the real-time locations of your target device and see it as it moves from location to location. You can see the street name and house number that the device is per time with Spylix.
  • Access to Location History: The app also lets you see the location history of the device. That means you can track the location addresses, neighborhood information, city, and street names that your target device is over time. You can easily access the history of where the device has been to through your Spylix dashboard.
  • Geo-fencing Feature: This lets you keep an eye on different locations that your target device might visit. When you set a geofencing for a device, the spy app creates a geofence perimeter and marks the zones on the map. When the target device leaves these locations and moves to unknown territories, you will be notified. You can set geo-fencing perimeters for locations such as schools, homes, and workplaces. 
  • Detailed Location Tracking: To ensure you are kept abreast of the movement of your target device, you get notifications each time the target device arrives at the marked zones and leaves it. With this, you can track someone over a long period and know where they are per time.

Steps to Track a Phone Location for Free with Spylix

Spylix is one of the simplest to install and easy-to-use spy apps in the market. The first step to using the Spylix app to track a cell phone is to create an account with the platform. If your target device is an Android device, you have to download and install the app on the device. 

For iPhone or other iOS devices, you do not need to download the software on the device as you can complete the process remotely. It takes a few minutes to install Spylix on an Android device. Spylix is 100% safe and does not introduce malware into your target device. 

The app is less than 2MB in size, so it is super fast to install. Here are the simple steps to set up your Spylix tracking app and get started on monitoring a device with just the number.

Step 1: Create an account at the official Spylix website. You need your valid email address to create the account.

Step 2: For an iOS device, you do not have to install an app. All you have to do is set up and log in to the iCloud account of the target device. To do this, you must have the iCloud credential of the phone you want to track by number. For Android, you need to install and set up the app on the target device. 

After creating your account and identifying the operating system of the phone that you want to track, you will receive an instruction email. It will contain the instructions and setup process for the Spylix on your target Android device. Follow these instructions to complete the setup process.

Step 3: After setting up the app, you are ready to start tracking your target device. Log in to your control panel and start monitoring the data on the device. Check the GPS tracking menu to track the location of your target device remotely and undetected.

Why Choose Spylix to Track a Cell Phone for Free 

Spylix has many features to offer. Beyond just tracking the location of your target device, you can do so much more. The app can track the social media activities of the device, track incoming and outgoing calls, photos and videos, and over 29 other data types. It is highly effective and does not require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone.


Spylix is a reliable and effective phone monitoring app. It tracks location in real-time and gives you access to other phone activities of your target. 

You can see what your target does on their device per time, including the details of the calls they make, videos and photos they share, messages, and other files they share and receive. If you are looking for an exceptional tracking tool to track a cell phone for free with just the number, Spylix is the top option.

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