How To Use Fixtures In Your Bathroom

How To Use Fixtures In Your Bathroom

When you renovate your home, you give a lot of attention to the living and bedroom. But most people tend to ignore their bathrooms. We spend a considerable part of our day in the bathroom, and therefore it is also an essential element of your home. 

Also, when the guests come over, you would not want to present them with a shabby-looking bathroom. Here we tell you some tips on using fixtures in your bathroom and add glamor to it.


If you have a traditional inset bath, any bath/shower combos will prove helpful. A freestanding bath adds a feeling of extra space to your bathroom. But you must measure up the entire space, including the door frames, to figure out the best bath. Visit Victoria Plum to get an idea of what kind of bath fixtures will suit your bathroom.


To get a seamless bathroom look, the open shower is the ultimate choice. But you must know how to place it perfectly. Layer your space and add a feature backdrop of glass. You could also add niches for storage instead of glass shelves. 

Want to make it more luxurious? Then add a rain shower that emerges from the ceiling. Make sure that the shower you choose maintains water efficiency and still gives a great shower experience.

Basin and other tapware

Choose a basin that lives up to the bath and toilet both texturally and tonally. Some people prefer the rustic stone options. On the other hand, metallic basins are gaining a lot of mileage. A good tap should be able to add to the glamour of your bathroom.

Soft golds, gunmetal, and brushed brass are just some of the options you could choose from. There is no harm if you spend a little extra on the taps.


It takes time to create and install a vanity, so keep the time factor in mind. Carefully consider the size, cabinet space, and the number of cabinets that you will require. Nowadays, floating vanities are trendy, and wood is an ultimate choice too. 


Rimless toilets do not remain a luxury anymore. They are a standard as they are more efficient, easy to clean, and hygienic. You could also choose a toilet with features like heated seats, integrated lighting, multiple washing modes, deodorizers, etc.

Walls and floor

Floor-to-ceiling tiling is quite common at present. Shapes in tiles have moved from rectangles to diamonds and hexagons. A variety of tactile materials like darker marble and honed concrete also look good. Remember that if you choose too much of a bold space, it will overwhelm the space.


Setting up your bathroom need not be an arduous task. Follow the above tips to make it look as glamorous as the rest of the home. Do keep the space constraints in mind while choosing the fixtures, though. You do not want to be tied with a product that barely fits your bathroom.

Also, for the bathroom, specifically, keep the strength of the material in mind before you finalize the fixtures.

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