How to Work With Bloggers: Answers to 7 Questions

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Want to buy advertising from bloggers, but you have a lot of questions? Here’s how to negotiate for free placement, how to select a blogger according to your niche, and if you actually need such promotions.

Why Do Businesses Need Bloggers?

Not every business needs bloggers. It’s definitely not a tool that works on the principle of “everyone else has one and we need one, too.” It all depends on the scope of your company and the result you want to get.

And it could be this:

  • Introduce your subscribers to a little-known brand.
  • Show the product live with a photo or video.
  • generate leads.
  • Increase audience loyalty to the brand and dozens of other options.

Bloggers are not just talking heads, but a strong PR campaign tool for a modern platform and a world-famous beauty brand. Bloggers are trusted more than in-store consultants or hotline specialists. Subscribers listen to bloggers and ask them for advice.

What’s Better: Bloggers or Media Advertising?

It all depends on the goals, resources, industry, and other indicators, so it’s hard to compare these two methods of promotion head-on. But there is something we can say with complete certainty: using both bloggers and media advertising will increase your reach. Here’s how it might work:

  1. You’ve published an interesting story in the media.
  2. You promote it with banners, targeting and contextual advertising.
  3. At the same time, bloggers talk about the material in their posts and posts.

Some Bloggers Are Scamming Subscribers. How to Check This?

Since the cost of posts often depends on the scale of the audience, bloggers take advantage of this and scam the number of subscribers. There are services that can detect bots among the live audience, but you usually have to pay for the service. But a minimum check can be done on your own:

  • Visually correlate the number of subscribers and the number of likes. If the account has 50,000 subscribers and 50 likes, then perhaps the subscribers are fake or just inactive – in any case, such a blogger is not right for you.
  • See what subscribers write in the comments. If there are only emoji, “interesting information”, “thanks for the post” and other boilerplate phrases, you need to be wary. In such situations you should go to the commenter’s profile and see if he’s even subscribed to this blogger.

What’s Better: Posts or Stories?

If you need to get results quickly, choose stories. They engage and are watched more than posts. But stories are limited in time: they will disappear after 24 hours, and the format suggests no more than 15 seconds – even in a series of detailed disclosure is difficult.

Simple posts allow for fuller disclosure and tell the story of the brand in detail. However, the posts also have disadvantages: people do not always read them and only look at the pictures. This makes it harder to assess the effectiveness of the advertising campaign: you will never be sure that the audience perceived the text and not just liked the picture.

How to Negotiate for Free Posting?

You can count on a free placement with a blogger if you are promoting some socially important idea and the blogger is personally interested in it. For example, if you launch a charity campaign and the blogger talks about it in his account.

Another option is an exclusive infopod and a hype. The blogger may agree to free advertising if you give him unique content, but this is very rare.

If you are pursuing business goals, you will have to pay. A blogger’s work is also work that should be paid.

How to Negotiate a Posting?

Usually bloggers place information about advertising either in the header of the profile or in the highlighters. If you don’t see anything, write to direct.

Be sure to write who you are, what company you represent and what you want. No need to pretend to be a fan, or someone to cheat.

Try to fit everything into one sentence, and for more information, leave a link and a contact person you can call or write to. After the blogger responds, you can ask for the cost of publishing and statistics on the account.

Who Should Write the Posts?

There are several options for submitting content to a blogger:

  • You send the blogger the terms of reference for the post and he writes it.
  • You send the blogger a ready-made text, and he adapts it for himself.
  • The blogger writes the text himself.
  • You write the text yourself and the blogger displays it as is.

Whichever format you choose, there is always the question of agreement. We most often work with bloggers on the principle of “if the post came out without coordination, then it is not paid”. This is a fat plus to discipline and cooperation.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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