How to Write An Epitaph

If you wish to honor the memory of a loved one and/or friend who has passed, an epitaph can be a great way to do so. This written form intends to describe a person as you knew them in life. This is usually done with a few sentences.

Because of the length of this piece, writing one may appear an effortless task. However, it can be very difficult to summarize an entire person with such few words. Therefore, you may find your writing process easier with the help of an epitaph writing guide.

If you’re interested in learning how to write an epitaph, read on.

Consider the Person

As with any writing project, it’s best to come up with a list of ideas first. This should revolve around the person whom you’re honoring. Words or phrases that describe a person’s work, hobbies, personality are good items for such a list.

For example, your loved one may have been a dedicated CEO and classic rock fan with a kind personality. In this case, you could write ‘classic rock’, ‘kind’, and ‘dedicated’ on your list.

You may also want to include phrases that the person would’ve enjoyed in life. A person like the one above may enjoy a phrase from their favorite rock song or a quote from a hero, for instance.

Start Narrowing Down the List

Once you’ve come up with enough ideas, start narrowing them down. One way to do this is to consider what the person would want. Ask yourself what you think was most important to them.

Another thing to keep in mind is the audience. Remember that epitaphs are headstone inscriptions. Consider what other people would think of as appropriate and meaningful epitaphs.

There is some leeway here if your person of interest had a humorous personality. If not, it’s best to err on the side of respectfulness.

Ask for Opinions

After you have a few good ideas, show them to others and ask their opinion. Those who knew the deceased would probably be best. However, outside opinions can also be beneficial.

A vast majority should agree on one of your epitaphs. If they don’t, start again from step one. If they do, choose this one to go on the grave of your loved one.

Finalize the Epitaph

When you’ve finally decided on the epitaph, it’s time to get it carved into a headstone. Research, compare and choose between different engraving services. This is a good example of one:

Place the headstone on your loved one’s grave after you put them to rest.

Learn More About How to Write an Epitaph

It may be difficult for multiple people to agree on what goes on a grave. Because of this, your epigraph writing process may take longer than you expect. However, with enough patience and determination, you will succeed.

If you learned how to write an epitaph, check out our other articles. Our site hosts a plethora of high-quality, informative articles. Amongst these, you will find something you like.

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