How traditional jewelry has become contemporary

contemporary jewelry

Gone are the days when traditional jewelry would be matched with traditional outfits only. In today’s time and age, trends dictate otherwise. Traditional pieces are being matched and worn with modern outfits, but jewelry in contemporary styles is also being matched with traditional clothes.

As the urge to experiment and showcase one’s personality runs high among women today, it is fascinating to see the look such pieces can inspire. So, if you too have a few unique pieces of heritage earrings, necklace set and bangle jewellery, you can now match them with your western outfits as well. Also, if you want to step out of the same staid looks and try something new, well, here’s what you should consider. 

We try to bring you a few broad ways in which elegant, mesmerizing looks can be created. Whether it be gowns, shirts, trousers, or skirts, a pretty piece of jewelry can amp up your look. But before you go shopping, do remember to keep the look in tandem with your face shape, neck length, and body type.

So, without further ado, do read on for a few ideas.

What matches with plain solid colors 

If the western dress you have is a plain solid color such as deep black, white, or even blue, then traditional jewelry can go beautifully with it. With their intricate work, these traditional pieces can bright out and highlight the beauty of your dress. Colored gemstones, pretty pearls, and glittering diamonds are a few pieces that will grandly complement your attire. However, do ensure that you match the neckline of your dress with the jewelry. Keep the length of the neckpiece in mind and the length of the sleeve to match bracelets. This way, you will be able to enhance and create a look that complements your personality.

Tip: Find out about complementary colors and choose them according to your dress. A green stone can look stunning on a red dress, while deep pinks and rich reds look rather lavish on grey.

What syncs with printed clothes  

Going ahead with simple jewelry that adds to the charm of your printed dress is a good idea. Also, if you can, try to match the shapes of the print with your jewelry. If your dress has different forms of prints, then you can opt for jewelry based on the most dominant print on the dress. On the other hand, if your dress is highly embellished and you’d like to keep your look clutter-free, opt for a statement set of pretty jhumkas. These Indian jhumkas have a way of beautifully framing the face and making you look effortlessly stunning.

Tip: When looking at jewelry pieces, do remember to keep the right length in mind. Take into consideration your face shape when buying jhumkas and your body shape for the length of the necklace.

With different necklines 

You may have seen an off-shoulder dress being paired with a set of pearls. While this look is always a classic one to pull off, there are many more ways to look stunning with different necklines. You can pair your favorite traditional choker with an off-shoulder top or a heavy Kundan set with a plain collar neck as well. However, as you take up these experimental looks, always keep color coordination in mind. Do ensure that the color of your jewelry complements the outfit.

Tip: While some designer jewelry may feel expensive, the right pieces are treasures that can be repeated and passed on to the next generation. Buy those when you come across them. 

Always keep the occasion in mind.

While the intricate and detailed pieces of Indian jewelry near me look grand on both western and traditional outfits, keep the occasion in mind. Dressing up for a formal occasion may require you to tone down your jewelry to slender pieces only. You can then opt for bracelets and slender neckpieces. However, if you’re dressing up for a party, a cocktail, dinner, or a special evening, you can play with your look according to the situation.

Tip: Whatever be the occasion, opt for subdued colors on bright attires and brightly colored jewelry on pastels.

Make a statement 

With Western dresses being somewhat flexible for the kind of accessories and jewelry you can match; you must choose your look with the jewelry. Choose a stylish handbag, belt, or scarf and wear simple jewelry. Alternatively, go heavy on the choker, bracelets, or Indian jhumkas and enhance your look. Choosing a statement piece is totally up to what you like to highlight and what you’re most comfortable with. A tennis bracelet with solitaires can give you a look of elegance and sophistication, while a polki set can give party vibes to match your mood and occasion.

Tip: You need not always burn a hole in your pocket while matching traditional jewelry with contemporary clothes. Today a wide range of designers are available to give you an array of stunning designs within your budget. 

However, we cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the right store. Shop from a store that offers a wide range of designs, quality, and hypo-allergic materials, all at the right prices. It is also a good idea to check their terms and conditions before taking your business to a particular online store.

Dressing up shouldn’t be a tiring job, and having fun is an integral part of looking your stunning best. Don’t fret too much about your look, and go with the pieces and combinations you enjoy most. This will help showcase your unique style and keep you happy on the inside as well. Invest in jewelry that’s made with quality materials, has intricate work and trusted craftsmanship. Whether you buy precious metals and gemstones or go for designer jewelry, do keep the occasions and flexibility of using the piece in mind.

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